Sunday, October 18, 2015

~* SiGnAgE w/ SpArKlE for TaYlOr SwIfT 1989 WoRlD ToUr *~

After seeing Taylor Swift perform in Houston last month, our family had to go see her again! Her 1989 World Tour was probably the best concert I have ever seen. And as a rocker chick from the 80's, I've seen a good share of concerts in my time! So we bought tickets for the Arlington show and this time we weren't going empty handed. One thing I noticed at the Houston concert was that signage was a must! The sparklier the better!!! This ended up being one of the best decisions I ever made because as the kids got photographed for Taylor Nation, God truly blessed us! We were handed tickets for front row seats! 

They loved the signs and hadn't seen anything like them! What a dream come true for my kids, and I'm not gonna lie - for John and I too!  Thank you Taylor Nation! We are forever grateful!

I created the first sign using a photograph of Taylor's cat Olivia! For this feline princess, I had to have something sparkly and regal! She's one of Taylor's babies after all!

I went for a circular shape and embellished the edges with vintage earrings, silk flowers, pearls and white fur trim. I glued on a handle  wrapped in laces and topped it off with a sparkly vintage brooch. I entwined mini LED lights around the edges and added some rhinestone cat ears! For the final touch, I glued on a vintage rhinestone brooch "crown."  When Taylor's mom Andrea walked right by us, I gave her the sign as a gift and wished her "good health." (She was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.) She was very gracious and asked if she could hug me and offered to take a photograph with us. Did this really just happen!!! Happy tears for my daughter, it was magical! 

My other signs were made from large wooden letters T and S that I purchased from Hobby Lobby along with a huge tub of big clear gemstones and blue and yellow boas. I spray painted the letters black and meticulously glued the clear rhinestones on one by one. (This was a true labor of love!) I also added some blue and yellow rhinestones mixed in and hot glued the boas along the edges. 

These were pretty heavy, so I purchased some handles to screw in the back. Lastly, I wrapped each with strands of mini LED lights. 

 If you're headed to a Taylor Swift concert soon,  I highly recommend to 'bling it on' with some sparkly signs! This was a night our family will treasure forever!


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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wowwwwwwwwwww! How awesome for all of you!! Those gorgeous signs really paid off!!! And to meet her Mom too??? That is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1