Saturday, August 9, 2014

~ Let's Turn Type One into Type None ~


Our lives forever changed this past January when our daughter, Ava, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Even though I had two uncles with T1D, (and graduated from Nursing school),  I had no idea the challenges that people suffering with this disease faced on a daily basis. It's an invisible war. 
And there is no cure.

Ava undergoes fingersticks all hours of the day as well as during the night. She needs insulin 4-6 times a day to survive. She wears a sensor in her arm for continuous monitoring as not to fall dangerously low, especially in the night. Any parent with a child of T1D knows that nighttime is the scariest time. We get used to not sleeping through the night. Moms of T1D refer to each other as Zombie Moms! And we are!

On November 15, 2014, my family and I are taking part in JDRF's Walk One, a walk for a cure in hopes of turning Type One into Type None.  JDRF is the one organization with the plan, influence, and ability to not just deliver hope, but a series of life-changing therapies that will make the burden of T1D less and less. Until it no longer exists.

There are many reasons to be hopeful. Artificial pancreas technology, islet transplants, insulin patches, and the list goes on with ways to make our child's, and the lives of thousands of others, better. 

 By supporting Team Ava and donating even the smallest amount to JDRF, you are giving hope to thousands of people. And you are giving our children a chance to lead a more normal life. 

My husband and I are matching all donations, up to $1000 total. We are so grateful for even the smallest of donations to help fund this awesome organization. 

To learn more about One Walk and to donate to Team Ava, please click on either image or click here.  

Thank you for your time in reading our story. 
God Bless