Sunday, June 8, 2014

~* MeRmAiD CoVe BaNnEr *~ Lisa Kettell Designs

Having a mermaid party anyone? Here's a cute banner you can create using Lisa Kettell Carnival Mermaid Cupies!

Mermaid Cove Banner by Debra Famularo

Materials used:  Lisa Kettell Designs mermaid trio pack, green feather boa, Thickers blue glitter alpha stickers, light blue foam letter stickers, assorted seashells and starfish, pearl accents, assorted blue scrapbooking papers, chipboard triangles, blue glitter, flower tag, embroidery thread, glue stick and glue gun

Assemblage:  Cover chipboard triangles in patterned papers using glue stick. Adhere “ mermaid” letter stickers in place. Glitter edges and allow to dry. Overlap corners of the chipboard and glue gun in place. Once that is complete,  glue the top edges of the chipboard banner onto the boa making sure it is centered. Do this by starting in the center of the banner and working outwards until all are glued in place. Embellish every other bottom edges of the chipboard triangles with starfish. Add a faux pearl center. On the remaining triangles, glue on a Lisa Kettell Designs mermaid. Lastly, on add letter stickers “cove” to your flower tag, glue on a mini seashell and tie on with embroidery thread. 


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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I love what you have made here! It is great to see you post again. Do come by if you get a chance! Mini banners and these little dollies are the perfect summer project for a doll house or a little theatre like mine!

Big hugs my dear friend. Anita