Friday, January 10, 2014

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"Alice and the Fairy Queen"

Once upon a time, in an enchanted forest far away, there was a small cottage

where there lived a girl who would be  fairy queen.

Every now and again she would venture into the forest, and 

see the most enchanting fairy folk in celebration.

[images, above and below: Tricia Fountaine]

She longed to join them in celebration but being she was so much bigger,
she didn't dare disturb them, out of fear of scaring them away.
Time after time, she'd return home and have her own celebrations,
inviting everyone she knew.
But deep down, she longed to play with the fairies and little folk who lived deep in the forest.

So one day, she sat down with her book of magic
and tried to find a way to shrink down to their small size.

She read that all she had to do was drink a magic potion
and then climb down into a magic rabbit hole that was just outside her door.
 When she finally got near to the opening at the other end, she saw a girl waiting for her.

The fairy princess smiled because it was her friend Alice who was waiting for her in there Wonderland, and they played with the fairies and little folk, forever more.


I am partnering with  Kelly as  Creative Director of a new magazine, Scarlet Pink.
Scarlet Pink, is quarterly magazine that will feature artists and creative types of all backgrounds and mediums. The focus of the magazine will be to inspire and inform the reader, while helping to promote the individuals featured in each issue.
Kelly and Debra have joined forces to unite in one magazine the artisan pioneer in his or her respective medium as well as the emerging artist. We will focus on what inspires each of them, how they started, where they sell, the ups and downs of being a full time artist, and offer advice from the professionals on how to make the time for those who long to turn their hobby into a profitable business. This is where you come in. We are asking you to submit photographs and background information, tips, tutorials, or anything else you deem valuable to publish in an upcoming issue of Scarlet Pink.  Our goal is to introduce each talented artist, even if they have previously been published elsewhere, to a brand new audience.
Scarlet Pink was born from our combined literary and artistic talents. We partnered together because we realized a need for a publication that focused on topics and people living the creative lifestyle, united together in one publication. We hope Scarlet Pink will become your go-to magazine for the creative lifestyle as we work hard to consistently bring you topics, ideas, techniques, stores, and people who inspire you. Our goal is that Scarlet Pink will help encourage you to bring out your creative talents and live a creative lifestyle
If this is something you would like to be a part of, and we hope you do, please go to and complete the form in the "Contact" section to be considered, or email us directly at The theme for the premiere issue is "Alice and the Fairy Queen."
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Thank you,

Yours truly,

Debra & Kelly

"Alice and the Fairy Queen"  blog post written by Kelly Janine Keyser
[all images from google search, unless otherwise notated. If you are the owner of any of these images and wish to be given proper credit, please email me and I will include you in the credits.]


Jay Jay said...

Break a leg! Congratulations

Maggi said...

How exciting!

Maggi said...

How exciting!

Incipient Wings said...

Very cool deb:) wish you the absolute best!!

Kelly_Deal said...

How cool! Congratulations!

Karen said...

Kudos & Congrats on launching a new celebration o' creativity! :>

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear friend! How enchanting indeed to open up your page this frosty morning to find such fun. I also opened up my email and I will respond shortly! HERE'S TO FUN! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good afternoon my friend! Snow and final exams are making this week a challenge to trudge through! I had to leave early this morning to get to work in time, and I missed your comment...thank you SO MUCH for appreciating my post. You mean so much to me! LOVE! Anita

Kelly "Keke" Keyser said...

I'm excited to work with you Deb on this. It's going to be amazing!! xo