Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ginger ~* AnGeL KiTtY WaNd *~ Lisa Kettell Designs

What are the odds that when your beloved pet passes away, your dear friend's pet passes at almost the very exact time on the same day? This happened to my forever friend Geri and I. Sad as it was, we both helped each other get through the sudden loss of our fur babies. I had created an angel kitty wand in memory of my Fiona, and wanted to create one for Geri in memory of her beloved Ginger. 

The cupie doll piece shown is a charlotte doll from Lisa Kettell Designs and the ecru tulle trim can be purchased from Julie Collings on etsy. 

Other supplies include: paw print scrapbooking paper, wooden star wand, paw print rhinestone bling, gold dresden angel wings,   letter stickers, gold tinsel pipe cleaner, beads, vintage brooch, millinery flower, burlap and assorted trims. 

  Matching angel kitty wands for forever friends!
In memory of our sweet fur babies Ginger and Fiona.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my....that the two little fur angels would pass around the same time have given you both a chance to once again connect in a very special way,Deb. Your wands are a sweet commemoration to LIFE and the joy these magical beings bring into our lives. Just beautiful are they! Hugs to you, and I hope all is well. LOVE, Anita

K. Janine Keyser said...

Both wands look amazing!!! Losing a fur baby is hard, but these are great commemorations!!

Diva Geri said...

I will treasure Ginger's Angel Kitty Wand. I know that both Ginger and Fiona are playing together in Heaven watching over us. I'm so glad we had each other at such a sad time. Love you dear friend xo