Wednesday, December 11, 2013

~* bRiDaL bOuQuEt *~ Lisa Kettell Designs


I love designing bridal bouquets using vintage brooches.  Today, I am showing a mini bridal bouquet complete with tutorial using vintage earrings and Lisa Kettell Designs 'Big Top Charlotte doll heads' as part of my design team work for  

Materials needed: 

Lisa Kettell Designs pack of 5 'Big Top Charlotte doll heads,' approximately 20 assorted vintage beaded earrings, assorted small and tiny sized faux pearls, 4” styrofoam ball, crochet doilie, 6” fabric square, lace fringe trim (mine is from A Gilded Life,) wood dowel, jute trim, glue gun and pliers.


To assemble:

Remove backings of vintage earrings using pliers. Glue fabric square over top half of the styrofoam ball so earrings can adhere. On the bottom half of the ball, glue the crochet doilie in place making sure all edges of fabric are covered. On ball top center, glue one Lisa Kettell Designs cupie head in place.
Using that as your starting point, glue earrings around doll head as tight as you can get to each other. If small spaces of fabric are showing, that’s okay. Continue gluing earrings and cupie heads around ball, alternating until ball is covered. Fill in spaces with loose pearls. On the bottom of the ball, make a tiny hole. 
Apply glue to wood dowel and pierce into the ball. Wrap the dowel with jute trim and tie knot at top. Glue fringe trim along outer edge.

 Marrying vintage jewelry with Lisa's pieces is always a winning combination!



dandelion twist said...

Very pretty! I love all the ruffley stuff!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

These are so adorable my friend....I have a tiny boutonniere that Ruben wore for a wedding this summer, and I have kept it because it has a similar shape to is wrapped in burlap and I just love it. Keeping it forever!

Your designs are fabulous. Do you sell any of these?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

P.S.! I STILL HAVE TO GET TO YOUR EMAIL! It is wild around here with work and meetings!

Kelly_Deal said...

Gorgeous! I would totally buy that if I were to do a wedding do-over! ;)

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, that is gorgeous!

Jay Jay said...

I like the new layout.