Saturday, October 26, 2013

~*a WiCkEd SpElL fOr My BrOoM*~ & GiVeAwAy too!

Enter all ye Spell-A-Pa-Looza souls 

But ProCeed with cAuTiOn if you may
I'm feeling a sPell coming on toDay!
My brooMstiCk needs some heLp you see
Some MagicK will make iT so pRettY!


To the booK of shadoWs I will go
HeRe's a sPell for it below:
in the cauLdron we will tHrow
A cuPie wiZard from a girl we all kNow!

 Add a brooMstick, gems and glue
Ribbon, lace, and pearls too
Grab sOme crystals, Grab a Few 
Let's cAst our sPell then drink some bRew.


"DouBle, douBle, toil and trouBle,
fire buRn and cauLdron bubble
eYe of Newt, and tOe of frog,
wooL of bat and tongue of dOg,
Adder's foRk and bLind worm's stIng,
LizArd's leg, and oWlet's wing,
For a chaRm of pOwerful troUble.
Like a hEll-broth boil aNd bubble."


as fast as oNe, two, tHree
a sparKly new bRoom just for mE
... oR is it?

Witch Transportation
It caNnot fly tOo high,
(tHe cord.)
It suCks up eveRy cloud.
It scAres my oWn black cAt.
It's heaVy.
ANd it's loUd.
Other wiTches cacKle
when tHey see my shadOw
on tHe mooN.
ANd so this Halloween
I'll traDe my vaCuum...
... for a bRoom!

by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

Harm noNe do what yE will!
 For a sPooKy StarBucKs $20 gift card to get your breW-m onfollOw my blog & leaVe me a coMment beLow!

Now be on your merry way and fly over to see these other EnChAnTiNg friends

Blessed Be

Double Double Toil and Trouble by William Shakespear
Book of shadows photograph courtesy of


Jay Jay said...

This is one of your BeSt PoStS EvEr!

Marti McClure said...

Such a cute broom! Happy Halloween! Marti

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

DEB! GOOD MORNING! I just read your email and will respond later; I need to finish my next blog post but I will be right there after! And THAT CAT with the xray eyes! YIKES! What I love about this season is the enchantment of nature, as the trees are left bare, the animals start to hoard, and the darkness lasts a bit longer. Great art here as always, and the fun is beginning! Big love comin' atcha, girl! Anita

dandelion twist said...

Great post!!!! It feels so very "witchy" ;-)

Melanie Stanczyk said...

I loved this post, super fun to read! Your broom is super cute and creative.

Happy Halloween!!!!!

DogsMom said...

It matters not, powered by magic or powered by steam, those broom contraptions can cause trouble.

I am a new follower. I hope you come visit me this weekend.

Karen said...

What a wickedly winning post with a perfectly brewed broom! Love the sparkle you put into every creation! :>

Incipient Wings said...

Hi deb!
Thanks for your visit tonight:)
Your post is so fun!
Just perfect...
Have a magical night.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Deb! Whew, what a busy Saturday I had...I still have to read your email! But I see you came to visit my post, and with many hugs and thanks, I come to say that you are just a faithful and kind friend.

Life is an open notebook, read to write upon it, to hash out ideas, to write what we see and hear, feel and touch. The possibilities never run out, and the post I wrote is just one of many elegies I will write until I feel I can move on to other things, but there's nothing more wonderful than to bring someone back to life when you write about well my friend, have a great Sunday.

Kim said...

Love your post! Love everything but that Book of Shadows is my fav, fabulous!

Kelly_Deal said...

Hi Deb! Love your post! Thanks for coming over to say hi and your sweet comment regarding my bottles! Now a follower!
Hugs, Kelly