Thursday, October 31, 2013

~* bOo To YoU *~

Witching everyone a safe & happy halloween!
love hedgie

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

~* a dOnUtElLa HaLlOwEeN *~

Ava loves Tokidoki, so we thought it would be fun to have her dress as Donutella for Halloween. I found the cute headband on etsy, but when I priced out jumbo donuts, I was shocked to see them over $100. No way was I paying that! So we created our own version using an inner tube, bargain material from Wal-mart and felt. I paid under $17, and the best part is that Ava and I made the donut together!! 
Be sure to check out my last post for Lisa Kettell's
 Spell-A-Pa-Looza blog hop where you can win great prizes like a $100 gift card to her Moonfaires Artfire store!! Check out all the creations from the talented artists who joined.
And make sure you check out my wicKed broom makeover. For a chance to get your own Brew-M on with a Starbucks gift card, you need to be a follower on my blog and leave me a comment on my last post below!
Here's a Halloween blast from the past!
Happy Halloween Everyone!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

~*a WiCkEd SpElL fOr My BrOoM*~ & GiVeAwAy too!

Enter all ye Spell-A-Pa-Looza souls 

But ProCeed with cAuTiOn if you may
I'm feeling a sPell coming on toDay!
My brooMstiCk needs some heLp you see
Some MagicK will make iT so pRettY!


To the booK of shadoWs I will go
HeRe's a sPell for it below:
in the cauLdron we will tHrow
A cuPie wiZard from a girl we all kNow!

 Add a brooMstick, gems and glue
Ribbon, lace, and pearls too
Grab sOme crystals, Grab a Few 
Let's cAst our sPell then drink some bRew.


"DouBle, douBle, toil and trouBle,
fire buRn and cauLdron bubble
eYe of Newt, and tOe of frog,
wooL of bat and tongue of dOg,
Adder's foRk and bLind worm's stIng,
LizArd's leg, and oWlet's wing,
For a chaRm of pOwerful troUble.
Like a hEll-broth boil aNd bubble."


as fast as oNe, two, tHree
a sparKly new bRoom just for mE
... oR is it?

Witch Transportation
It caNnot fly tOo high,
(tHe cord.)
It suCks up eveRy cloud.
It scAres my oWn black cAt.
It's heaVy.
ANd it's loUd.
Other wiTches cacKle
when tHey see my shadOw
on tHe mooN.
ANd so this Halloween
I'll traDe my vaCuum...
... for a bRoom!

by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

Harm noNe do what yE will!
 For a sPooKy StarBucKs $20 gift card to get your breW-m onfollOw my blog & leaVe me a coMment beLow!

Now be on your merry way and fly over to see these other EnChAnTiNg friends

Blessed Be

Double Double Toil and Trouble by William Shakespear
Book of shadows photograph courtesy of

Monday, October 21, 2013

~*bAt-wInGeD BLiNgY "BOO" bInGo bAnNeR! *~

 ...created with Bingo cards, lace, tulle, burlap, scrapbook paper from Rusty Pickle, white glittery letter stickers, Halloween picks, rosettes, pipe cleaner, dresden foil, decorative twine, pearl stick pin accent, Stickles in Deep Blue & Black Diamond, vintage glass pearl assortment and bat winged Cupie from Lisa Kettell Designs. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

~* 31 WiTcHeS *~

 Last night I made my version of Lisa Kettell's 31 Wishes Halloween tree that was featured on the cover of the Fall 2013 issue of Piddlestixs, but mine is called 31 Witches! :)
I am very excited to have my some of my work featured in this issue along with many talented artists! These tiny little witches are handmade and hand painted clay pieces. 
The ~*bewitching*~  31 Wishes kits can be found in Lisa's Moonfaires Artfire shop. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

~* Disney Cruise Travel Album *~

Our family celebrated Christmas 2012 and JJ's 50th birthday aboard the Disney Cruise Line's Dream. It was an amazing vacation. To capture the memories, I created this travel album using the Teresa Collins travel kit.

I highly recommend the Teresa Collins travel line. There are tons of cute embellishments and accessories. It made creating this album fun!  Special thanks to my friend Kelly of
for the sweet write up today!! Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

~* sPeLL-A-Pa-LooZa Blog Hop *~

 Spell-A-Pa-Looza Blog Hop 

Oct. 26 - Nov. 2, 2013

See details @ Lisa's blog and fly back here soon to see my wicKed broom makeover!


Saturday, October 12, 2013

~* Piddlestixs *~

Hello Everyone! 
I have always been a fan of Lisa Kettell's work. I use her pieces quite often, they always make me smile! Recently I was very excited to have some my work published in Lisa Kettell's Piddlestixs Fall 2013 Vol. 6 issue. This edition is filled with color projects and articles by many talented designers. 
Lisa Kettell is a creative genius. She is the original designer of the Sports Cuff. She also is known for making adorable clay pieces. Take a peek into Lisa's magical Moonfaires artfire store where you can see all of her adorable creations like this pink chickadee that I used for one of the altered hanging frames in Piddlestixs! 
You can find her amazing work on her blog Fairie Enchantment. Piddlestixs 6 and earlier volumes and e-books of Lisa's are available at
Hope this finds all of you in the crafting world well!