Saturday, August 25, 2012

~* My aLiCe In WoNdErLaNd ViNtAgE BrOoCh BoUqUeT *~

My love for all things Alice led me to create my second vintage brooch bouquet inspired by Wonderland. This bouquet features a beautiful muslin fabric bouquet which I purchased again from etsy.  I handpicked and attached over 50 vintage brooches in pinks and blues including enamel flowers and butterflies, rhinestone flowers, pink flamingo buttons, tiny mushrooms, resin playing cards, adorable Eat Me and Drink Me containers made for me by my friend Zoe in our Alice and Wonderland swap and a few vintage earring clusters. The Alice figure is actually a ring I had! 
  I found the most beautiful tiny Cheshire Cat handmade in Italy from etsy shop Mijbil Creatures. He's only 5/8 of an inch and sooo cute! A perfect addition!
Lastly, I tied a vintage handkerchief around the base. 
And there you have it... my Alice in Wonderland vintage brooch bouquet!!
Hugs to All

~Cheshire cat photo courtesy of Mijbil Creatures ~

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

~* a ViNtAgE BrOoCh BoUqUeT *~

I can't believe I have been MIA since last September! All is well and the crafty bug has hit me again....but not with scrapbooking. My latest addiction has now been creating vintage brooch bouquets after seeing Miranda Lambert's beautiful bridal bouquet! I have to say, I cheated a little bit - okay, a lot! - buying a beautiful handmade bouquet made of rolled muslin roses on etsy because I loved the rustic look of the vintage wood handle and how sturdy the bouquet itself looked. It was a shame covering the beautiful roses, but I didn't want to go through the process of creating a base since I don't plan on selling these. (That may change though if I figure out a way to make a sturdy base myself!!!) 
 I used well over 50 vintage brooches to create this one, some of them belonging to my grandmother, some bought on etsy and ebay, and the rest picked up from numerous trips to antique shops. I arranged and pinned the brooches to the muslin fabric roses and this was the result. This is one heavy bouquet of bling! But it's priceless to me as I can display my grandmother's brooches now in a special way.
I just finished an Alice in Wonderland vintage brooch bouquet which I'll show soon. But that's my latest craze! So if any of you have a bunch of vintage brooches lying around and want a pretty way to display them, this is a great project!
I hope all of you are doing great and still keeping crafty! Much love, deb xOxO