Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~* Helping Japan - How we can help! *~

The very talented Tomoko Takahashi of Webster's Pages is asking for our help to donate our creations in order to profit the Japan Red Cross Society. You can send cards, layouts, anything! (I think I will be sending an Alice in Wonderland wall hanging like this one I made for Zoe.) This is such a great way to help our friends in Japan. Please check out Tomoko's blog Crop Addict for details.
~* photo courtesy of zoe! *~

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~* mY PiNk sTuDiO! *~

We've been busy this past month getting settled in our beautiful new home! And while it's been hectic, I'm incredibly happy! It has been well worth the looooong wait getting here. I finally got my studio set up - a shocking pink retreat complete with a sparkly chandelier!!
Click on the first photo for a closer look, but put your sunglasses on!!
It is so awesome being in this room!! I swear it glows! It has a great energy too. Part of that reason is because I have some very special pieces in here. My precious grandmother's beautiful vanity and night table hold a lot of my stash.
And the large dresser is also a vintage piece belonging to my husband's dad, who is no longer with us. It holds a TON of my supplies! I'm lucky to have these pieces and I definitely treasure them!
Soooo, here's a HUGE stack of layouts waiting to be put away in albums! Anyone else have this problem?!?!?
This basket was my wedding favor basket, and it is filled to the brim with flowers, mostly Prima!!! Addicted!!!!!!
This is one of many embellishment filled glasses I have on my desk! I'm starting to think I'm a scrapbooking hoarder. But who of us isn't?
Here's a close up of my vintage pink bottle brush Christmas tree that stays up year round. It's filled with fairies and Alice in Wonderland.
And one last look at my space, or the "Pepto Bismol" room as my brother in law Joey calls it!!! And can I just say that my husband is the BEST for letting me paint it this color!!
( Thank you honey!!! )
I can see my realtor cringing already!!!!!
Thanks for taking a peek inside my happy room!
I hope you all are doing well.

Sending lots of prayers for Japan in this horrible tragedy.