Wednesday, July 28, 2010

~* Ava & Mom - My New BFF- Paris Hilton Creativity Collection *~

I love my kids' artwork. I save all of their creations. This latest artwork from Ava was so cute, I wanted to scrapbook it. The BFF paper and pretty rhinestone stickers are from Paris Hilton's My New BFF scrapbooking theme kit. Scrapbooking is about more than just using photographs, it's about being creative using any special items and momentos. Let your mind explore and preserve those special memories in your own unique way!
I love you Ava!!! Friends Forever - Most Definitely!
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The Average Jay said...

You sure are lucky to have a BBF like Ava May.

The Average Jay said...

You sure are lucky to have a BBF like Ava May.

PaperCameraScissor said...

Oh my goodness that drawing is super cute and how you scrapped it is amazing cute!

icandy... said...

oh, honey!
how precious is that??!! i'm a total hoarder of everything my kids made, what a sweet way to preserve those special memories!
the house situation? keep me posted!!!
love, hugs and I MISS YOU, TOO!!!!!!!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! Deb!! her drawings are BEAUTIFUL!! LOVE them!! And love love love love your LO!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lace and those flowers!! GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

OMG Debbie these art work are soooooo adorable!! and you look gorgeous on both pics!! lol
Absolutely precious and sweet!!
Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left me, you made my day, thans Debbie!!

Karen said...

You are such a great Mama, Deb! Love your Ava's artwork and how you are documenting & celebrating it!! I treasure the creativity in my kidlets and your post, my friend, has made me smile...thanks! :>:>

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning precious! Ava is so cute....she is a wonderful child and I know that she is a great strength for you! She must adore you and just look up to you so much! How is the house situation? Anita

Anonymous said...

this is soo cute and what a great way to save it! Love it. You are lucky to have such a cute and talented BFF. She gets it from her mom. LOL! Have a great day. Sending happy thoughts your way!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh, these are just the sweetest things EVER! Such sweet artwork and a creative layout to showcase them. :) Hope you are having a wonderful day, dear friend. Theresa :)

Regan said...

Such a creative blog you have!