Wednesday, April 28, 2010

~* CURIOUSER *~ the PiNk NiNjAs "accidently kelly street"

Oh no, it's Alice yet again thanks to my beautiful friend and fellow Paris Hilton design team girl Ally from The Pink Ninjas. This is her Accidently Kelly Street kit which is, yep- you guessed it, Alice in Wonderland themed! Super cute, loaded with unique embellishments and beautiful handmade flowers. And best of all, it's affordable at $37! Needless to say, she didn't have to twist my arm to buy this kit and 3 more! Thanks a lot Ally! Oh, The Pink Ninjas are having a blog hop now, go to Ally's blog for details. And be sure to stop by The Pink Ninja Addicts Art Walk where you can always find major inspiration!

Monday, April 26, 2010

~*Alice ~ the aRmEnIaN pRiNcEsS ~ my ATC swap with Helene *~

I had the privilege of swapping Alice in Wonderland ATC cards with another talented friend, Helene at Lotsa Scrap. Helene is a gifted artist with a beautiful vintage style that is all her own. She recently became a DT member for Pages in Time! Above is the beautiful card Helene created for me. Her details are amazing! She custom made this card specifically for me! Princess Alice has a pink strand in her hair (just like mine!) She has a pretty pink pearl necklace and golden crown. The Victorian faces on the flowers are so gorgeous- I just love it!! And Helene even signed the back of the card "Alice, the Armenian Princess!" Love that!!!
For Helene's card, I accented Princess Alice with some glittery modge podge, millinery flowers, shiny garland, bumpy accented mushrooms, pink rhinestones and a sparKly crown! I love making ATC's, but I have to say, receiving them from others is even more special, and I treasure these handmade mini works of art so much.
To Helene, thank you for sharing your talent with me- your artwork now graces my studio where I can enjoy it for always!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

~*Paris Hilton Scrapbooking, Christy gets TWEETED by Paris!*~

It's been an exciting couple of days! Paris Hilton tweeted my blog on Thursday night, which was very cool! I finally came down off my high today and I made this wall hanging of my kiddos using the My New BFF scrapbooking theme kit! And speaking of scrapbooking kits, my friend Christy from That's Who I Am created a beautiful layout of her dog Zoey using the Pet's Shop Beauty scrapbooking theme kit. I bought her the kit for a baby gift! She was sweet enough to blog about it and show her cute layout today. And Paris tweeted HER blog tonight!!! I'm so excited for Christy! Look at her adorable layout of Princess Zoey!!!!! Zoey, I knew that face would be famous!!!!
You can see the entire Paris Hilton Creativity Collection at:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

~* I LoVe Shoes *~ Paris Hilton Creativity Collection

I created this layout using the Shopping Fever scrapbooking theme kit from the PHCC line. Papers and stickers are sooo cute in this kit, I had to get myself on a layout! Plus, I love shoes! So to my dear friend Zoe (who was sweet enough to let me use her photo on one of my PH layouts), you are not alone girl! I'm right here with ya! Extra embellishments include: lace, rhinestones, pearls, glitter & one vintage earring!
All theme kits are marked down from $24.99 to $14.99 at
That's HUGE!!!!!!!
Thank you to everyone stopping by from Paris Hilton's tweet! Welcome!!! xOxO

~* That Boy Is Mine *~ Reduced prices on the whole Paris Hilton line!

Lately I have been busy working on setting up galleries with the PHCC line on both and the Paris Creativity Facebook page so girls would have a place to go to for inspiration. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Pinky and Ally can design too because up until now, I've been a one woman team!!!! It would mean a lot if you could swing by the Facebook page and click on the "like" button at the top of the page!!!! I'd appreciate it, and you can let me know what you think! This layout above of my son was created with the That Boy Is Mine scrapbooking theme kit. These kits are so versatile and jam packed with fun stuff, girls will love them!
And great news! Prices have just been majorly reduced on everything in the line in order to better fit the teen budget, so check it out! All scrapbooking theme kits are only $14.99! Paper pads are $9.99! Scrapbook albums are $19.99! And these rhinestone packs are priced at only $3.99! I love these!!!
You don't have to be a teen to use this line! I think I've created almost 100 projects now! It's a cute, trendy line! The paper quality is great and the patterns are fun and girly. The scrapbook albums are beautiful too! I hope you'll take a look! To see the whole collection and for purchase information, please go to

Monday, April 19, 2010

~* MY NEW's ZOE!!! *~ Paris Hilton Creativity Collection

I know I have a special friend in Zoe when she lets me use her pretty photo for a layout using the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection. Who else is brave enough to do that? She is not only beautiful, but one the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And even though she is on the other side of the world in Singapore, I know we will always be connected! So for Zoe's layout, the choice was obvious - I chose the My New BFF scrapbooking theme kit and a rhinestone pack! This kit is one of my favorites. It is filled with pretty patterned papers and lots of bling, perfect for my sparKly friend! The only extras I added here were ribbon trims, stick pins, pink tulle and pearl accents.
There will be reduced prices on the Paris Creativity website soon, so keep an eye out. And Zoe, thank you my love! I owe you BIG TIME!!!! And to my other friends, look out cuz I may be asking you next!!!
Unless you want to volunteer... (hint hint!)
To see more of the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection,
~*special thanks to Zoe for her gorgeous photo*~

Sunday, April 18, 2010

~* WeDgEs RoCk! *~

Okay, I usually don't do these, but my friend Pearl tagged me and since I'm the only USA girl she tagged, I'll play along. I have to list 10 things that make me happy, and 5 trivia facts about myself. So here goes...
10 things that make me happy:
1. Memories of my grandmother
2. My kids & hubby
3. Watching football
4. Starbucks ~the whole damn menu~ yummy!
5. Creating in my studio
6. Playing Mario Kart with my kids, even though I suck!
7. Shopping (but not for groceries!)
8. 80's Rock
9. the color pInK
10. My friends, which include all of you!
*11. Alice in Wonderland- you know it was going up on this list! And 11 is my lucky number anyways!*
5 trivia facts:
1. I could watch NFL football 24 hours a day and not get sick of it. My husband bought me The Ticket, and that's where you'll find me during football season - glued to my tv!
2. I am addicted to fantasy football, I have several teams each season and I don't like to lose!!!!! (My family vacates the house on Sundays during football if my teams are losing!)
3. I am 44 and I still shop in the Juniors department! I can't help it, I like their stuff better!
4. I am very spiritual - I believe we create our own destinies.
5. I loVe wearing wedges! My niece and I are wearing them here in this photo! I have tons of pairs, even though my husband absolutely HATES them! Like it or not, I'm wearing them anyways! Sorry honey!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

~* Shopping Fever *~ Paris Hilton Creativity

I finally ripped open a new scrapbooking theme kit from the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection that I haven't used before! This kit is called "Shopping Fever" and it's pretty cute, and not just for teens! (Though I am featuring two beautiful ones here!) For Alyssa's "Glamour" layout, I added some lace, brads, jumbo pink rhinestones, crystal flowers, pink pearl accents and paper fringe to make her background look like a frilly shopping bag!
And on Ashley's layout, "Spending $" is what it's all about! I cut part of the pink credit cards and bills with my xacto knife so that I could tuck Ashley's photo underneath. And I used the sticker border accented with some rhinestones to frame her photo. The only extra embellishments I added here were lace around the edges and some pink crepe paper. The dimensional stickers in this kit are really cute!This Paris Hilton theme kits include 6 patterned papers (3 which are glittered), 1 rhinestone sticker sheet, 1 letter sticker sheet, 1 dimensional sticker sheet and 1 cardstock sticker sheet.
Look for reduced prices soon on the whole line at:
~*special thanks to Alyssa & Ashley for their beautiful photos *~

Friday, April 16, 2010

~* bRiNg On ThE gIrLs!*~ Paris Hilton Creativity Collection

Well, you've seen the boys in my last post, now lets bring on the girls! First up is the lovely Princess Zoey, fur-baby to my dear friend Melanie at Just Being Creative. Zoey's layout was created using the Pet's Beauty Shop scrapbooking theme kit from the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection. I added some bling from a rhinestone package in the line. And I added sparKly brads, pink rosettes, pink tulle and ribbon for accents.
Next we have my baby, Paris! Yes, Paris finally made it onto one of my pet layouts using The Creativity Collection! What kind of mom am I?
This is my 11th pet layout, which shows the many different ways there are to use these theme kits! For her layout, I used the Birthday Girl scrapbooking theme kit since this photo was taken when Paris turned 4! I cut the patterned paper up for the gift boxes, added a bling doggie from one of the rhinestone packs. Then I added some ribbon, pearl accents, and Maya Road flowers and stick pins.
Why all the pet layouts? I'm working with Wooky Entertainment on an upcoming pet project. So be assured there's more on the way!
You can view and purchase the collection now at the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection Website,
and look for some reduced prices and specials coming very soon!
~* special thanks to Melanie and Zoey*~

Thursday, April 15, 2010

~* TwO dOg-GoNe CuTe! *~ Paris Hilton Creativity Collection

My friends' fur babies are continuing to appear on my layouts for the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection! Meet Moose!! This cutie belongs to my fellow "Alice in Wonderland Fanatic" Callista over at Down the Rabbit Hole! Look at his sweet face!!! I painted some cardboard to add some dimension to this layout. I also added lace, Prima swirl, pearl accents and a vintage earring - my favorite embellishment as you know! Moose, you are too cute!
Next up, it's Mr. Dandy! His mommy is my fellow "Football Fanatic" Julie over at Life with the Tucker and Wolek clan! Mr. Dandy is as adorable as his name! For his layout, I added some black tulle, ribbon and pearl accents, and tons of pink glitter! Yes, boys CAN have pink on their layouts! Both kits were created using the Pet's Beauty Shop scrapbooking theme kit.
This week, in celebration of the new design team, keep an eye out for some lower prices and special promotions at
Please check out our new design galleries at and Paris Creativity on Facebook! Spread the word to the girls - lets get creative with our tweens & teens!!!
~*special thanks to Callista, Moose, Julie & Mr. Dandy *~

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~*meet the new Paris Hilton Creativity Collection DT!*~

Cristal "Pinky" Hobbs

Ally Serrato

and me!!!!

I am honored to be coordinating the new Paris Hilton Creativity Collection Design Team! I am passionate about this line and the meaning behind it which is to inspire teens & tweens to be creative. I am very excited to work alongside the talented Cristal "Pinky" Hobbs and Ninja Ally Serrato in hopes of encouraging teens everywhere to get creative with this trendy, sparKly line! To see more of the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection design team work, come visit our brand new gallery on I also invite you to join Paris Creativity on Facebook.
For more information about product and availability,
please go to


Sunday, April 11, 2010

~* WoNdErLaNd LoVe from ZoE!*~

I have been so excited to show the items that Zoe and I exchanged in our Alice in Wonderland swap! Both her blog and etsy store are called Dream Come True, and how fitting. What an amazing experience it has been 'meeting' this girl! Her talent is incredible, but her heart is even bigger! She is a living doll with one of the sweetest souls I have ever come across! You can see my Wonderland package to Zoe above. (I need to make mention that I did not make the cute brads, the Alice doll, or the photo keychain holder.) In addition to those, there was one more special gift I sent her: a ring from my favorite designer, Tarina Tarantino. I have the same one, and the deal was we'd always be connected by our pink matching Alice rings! So to my sweet friend in Singapore, I LoVe U! Okay, get ready for this! It's pretty unbelievable.... here is Zoe's own special Wonderland that she created for me:
A gorgeous pink embellished "Drink Me" tag and a beautiful handmade Mad Tea Party card, even the back was detailed with our names on it!
A beautiful monogram notebook with red & white roses, fit for a Queen! And to go along with it, a puffy Queen of Hearts pin, sweet heart earrings, and a handmade beaded dangling keychain! Even Zoe's packaging was regal! The details Zoe has are one of a kind and I (heart) everything she did!
Speaking of hearts, she created a beautiful Alice in Wonderland heart hat box for me and inside, the most adorable headband that says "Wear Me!" How cute is that!? LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
And look at this beautiful handmade heart trinket box filled with the cutest "Eat Me" and "Drink Me" bottles! Those are in my curio cabinet Zoe! Soooo cute!
Another beautiful box had this amazing treasure in it, a handmade pink boa Alice in Wonderland banner loaded with pretty flowers and dangling hearts and ribbons, OMG! This is so beautiful in person, it makes my studio an even happier place. It is beyond gorgeous, I adore it Zoe- what a creative soul you are!
And you've seen the adorable Alice wreath in a previous post, but here it is again, it's the cutest wreath I've ever seen! I dangled the Queen of Hearts keychain on it! It's in my living room hanging on my chandelier still! I'm not moving it!
I swear I have died and gone to Alice in Wonderland Heaven, and I need to have my hubby build a shrine (or better yet, buy one!) to put all of these treasures from Zoe and my talented friends Maggi, Christina and Theresa who I was lucky enough to swap with! You guys have made Alice even more special to me, and I will never forget this experience and each one of you!!!!!!
lots of love......deb

Saturday, April 10, 2010

~* PrInCeSs YuKi *~ Paris Hilton Creativity Collection

Well, my scrapbooking break is over, mainly due to the fact that I received pictures today of this beautiful princess, Yuki, who was the beloved fur-baby of my talented friend Zandra. She is with the angels now, and I couldn't resist making something with her right away! I used the Paris Hilton Pet's Beauty Shop scrapbooking theme kit for Yuki's layout, just adding some tulle, pearl accents, a rosette and some sparKly rhinestone brads! Zandra just returned from Lisa Kettell's huge event, Art Opera! Lucky girl! Check out her blog to see Lisa's new scrapbooking collection!
And for more information on The Creativity Collection, please go to:
~*Special thanks to Zandra for her precious photo*~

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~* BrEaK TiMe!*~

Hello dear friends!
Just saying a quick hello and letting you know I am taking a little break from scrapbooking for awhile! In the meantime, I want to show this exquisite Alice in Wonderland wreath I received from my dear friend Zoe from Singapore, who is as adorable as she is talented! You have to see Zoe's etsy store Dream Come True! She makes the most beautiful things! This wreath is just one of many gorgeous pieces she made for me for our Alice in Wonderland swap. I was overwhelmed by her gracious heart and her unbelievable talent! When she receives all of my gifts, we will post everything together. I hope all of you are doing great! Be back soon.........
love deb

Sunday, April 4, 2010

~* AnD tHeY CaLLeD iT...*~

...Puppy Love!!!
Here is my good friend Kim's daughter, Alyssa, with her two babies, Buddy & Daisy! Alyssa has been on a few of my layouts with The Creativity Collection! Besides being smart and beautiful, she is a gifted gymnast who is dedicated to the sport she loves. For this layout, I used the Pet's Beauty Shop scrapbooking theme kit.
I accented the large bone shaped sticker with tons of purple buttons and a 3-D glittery sticker from the kit, added some pretty lace to the top and bottom edges and stapled on some purple paper fringe! You may have noticed that I've been working on tons of pet projects with The Creativity Collection lately to motivate girls to scrapbook their pets! Thank you to all of you who sent me pictures of your babies!
To see more of the Paris Hilton line, please go to:
~*special thanks to Kim, Alyssa, Buddy & Daisy! *~

Friday, April 2, 2010

~* sOmEbUnNy CuTe... *~ hoppin' by to say hello!!
It's cutie pie Charcoal who belongs to my darling friend Zoe! Charcoal is my model today using the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection, and just in time for Easter! I used some glittery pink crepe paper I found at Bit of Vintage etsy shop, folded it in half and stapled it around the patterned paper frame! I then stapled some velvet ribbon trim along the edges. I'll be showing you the beautiful Alice in Wonderland creations his mommy Zoe made for me next week! In the meantime, I wish everyone a wonderful Easter weekend!
~* special thanks to Zoe & Charcoal for the adorable photo! *~

Thursday, April 1, 2010

~* Model Bella & Paris Hilton's Creativity Collection! *~

Is she cute or what?
I am loving being able to use some of your pets as my "models" with the Paris Hilton line! This is my friend Carrie's beautiful Bella, and once again I used the Pet's Beauty Shop scrapbooking theme kit from The Creativity Collection to create this greeting card. Girls can have so much fun designing with this kit! This card was so simple to make - I used the cute flocked patterned paper in the kit, sticker accents,and some ribbon and glitter! And if you have girls who love to scrapbook, have them check out Paris Hilton's blog in the teen section of April's magazine where they can learn how to create my dimensional flowers using the Flowers and Lights patterned paper pad!
You can see the complete Paris Hilton line at
~* special thanks to Carrie & Bella! *~