Tuesday, December 21, 2010

~* mErRy ChRiStMaS! *~

Wishing everyone a spaRkling Christmas!
May 2011 bring joy & love to all!!


Sparkly Holiday Topiary available at Tarina Tarantino
~* photography by TarinaTarantino.com & Images by Amaryah *~

Saturday, December 18, 2010

~* rOlLeD fLoWeR oRnAmEnT tutorial *~ by Tina McDonald

It has been a pleasure showcasing Tina McDonald's designs with the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection this week. Her creations are all unique, beautiful and perfect for the holidays! Her final project is no exception either. Take a look at this gorgeous, sparKly rolled flower ornament she created with papers from the Rock Star Diva scrapbooking theme kit!!!!! This is beyond creative! And Tina has been gracious enough to share a tutorial of how she created it!

Supplies Needed:

Patterned paper
Strong adhesive (Helmar's Liquid Glue Dots)
Stickles or glitter glue
1 styrofoam ball
Long stick pins with a large head
2 inch circle punch
Silver thread or ribbon to hang

How to:

1. Punch several circles out from patterned paper.
2. Cut spiral from outside to center of circle as shown in photo.
3. Starting from the outside, roll tightly to form a flower bud. Tuck final under and around to form base.
4. Now, set the flower down, allowing it to uncoil some and relax.
5. Open the bottom flap and apply a nice fat dab of Helmar's liquid scrap dots.If you don't have any, get some! LOL But for now, you can try a hot glue gun or another really strong adhesive. Press flower into glue and hold until set.
***At this point I would set the flower aside and create another...the liquid scrap dots will need some time to cure. There are lots of flowers to be made! :)
6. Once the flower is well set, apply a dab of liquid scrap dots to the bottom of the flower and stick to the styrofoam ball. To hold in place, I stuck a pin to the center while the scrap dots cured. Again, if no scrap dots are available, you can use a glue gun or other strong adhesive.

7. Repeat step #6, adding flowers tightly to each other, thus reducing the amount of styrofoam visible between. Using a light colored paper helps it to be less visible. If you choose to use a darker colored paper, you might want to paint the styrofoam before you begin.
8. After the entire ball is filled with flowers, I added a stick pin to the top and tied a silver thread to it. you can use a ribbon or whatever you like for this step! :)
9. Allow the ball to sit overnight to be sure all the adhesive has time to set.
In the morning, remove all the stick pins.
10. Add the Stickles to each individual flower in a swirling circular motion. Don't be too fussy...it's going to look fabulous when it dries! (You will notice I had done this before letting is sit overnight! It made a mess on my pins, but if you're okay with that, it cuts down on drying time!) Once this is dry, you are done!
You're ready to gift it...or display it! I had initially planned to hang it on my tree, but it is a bit heavy, so it is more of a kissing ball for me! Wherever you hang it, make sure to hang it where it will be seen! Any project that takes that much work deserves it!!

Tina, thank you for sharing your time and talent with the Paris Hilton line. You have remarkable talent and we wish you all the best!
You can purchase the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection at Tuesday Morning stores or online at:


Thursday, December 16, 2010

~* BeSt FrIeNdS *~ by Tina McDonald for Paris Hilton Creativity

Here's a beautiful BFF layout by guest designer Tina McDonald using the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection Rock Star Diva scrapbooking theme kit and some bling from the collection. Tina used Helmar Liquid scrap dots to adhere the butterflies, the dimensional stars, and to create the adorable flower! This is so pretty, I love it!
Tomorrow I'll be showing Tina's fourth and final project, so stop by and take a peek! You can find the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection at Tuesday Morning stores, or online at:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

~* Christmas Pendant Ornaments Tutorial by Tina McDonald *~

Tis' the season for sparKly ornaments!! Aren't these cute!!
Tina McDonald used the Rock Star Diva scrapbooking theme kit from the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection to create these pretty pendant ornaments for her tree! And she was nice enough to share a tutorial on how to make them! Girls of all ages will have fun making these custom ornaments for their trees! Moms and daughters- it's time to get creative!!
1. Cut 2 strips of paper 1 1/2 inches X 12 inches.
2. Run one side of each through a border punch.
3. Using a stylus, score the papers at 1/4 or 1/2 inch intervals. I determine this depending on the border punch I use.
4. Fold the paper into an accordian.
5. I adhered the two pieces together using Helmar's Premium Craft Glue. Glue the other sides together as well to make one big circle.
6. Turn paper on it's side to create a circle as shown.
7. Adhere a small punched circle to the front and back of this circle.
8. Embellish as desired.
9. I added Stickles to the folds to create a beautiful shimmer to the ornaments.
10. Tie on a light string and you're ready to hang them on your tree!!
Special thanks to Tina for the awesome tutorial!
Check back on Friday for her last Christmas project!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

~*a HOLIDAY DIVA WREATH with guest designer TINA MCDONALD! *~

The Paris Hilton Creativity Collection is proud to have designer Tina McDonald guest designing for us this week. Her projects are amazing and perfect for the Christmas season! She created this fabulous Holiday Diva wreath using a recycled cereal box and several sizes of circle punches!
You can step by step instructions of how Tina created this wreath at Paris Creativity on Facebook!
Tina lives in beautiful New Brunswick, Canada with her hubby of 10 years and her 5 children. She has been scrapbooking for 6 1/2 years and draws inspiration from life around her. She says her style is hard to pinpoint, but is kind of romantic, clean and simple. She loves white space and journaling strips. She's had the honor of being published in several great magazines. She also has an awesome designing resume which includes: Helmar USA, Momena, Simply Renee: Clip It Up, Magistical Memories, and my StampBox and several kit clubs and online stores.
We're so excited having Tina share her designs with the Paris line this week! Stop by again to see more from Tina soon!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

~* tHe FoUr DaYs Of ChRiStMaS with eRiKa tAyLoR *~ DaY FoUr

On the fourth day of Christmas
Erika Taylor designed for me
Five fabulous friendship cards
One golden shimmering gift box
Two stunning tags
and a gorgeous pInK and spArkLy Christmas tree!!
And there you have it- four sparkly days of Christmas with Paris Creativity!
I'd like to thank our guest designer Erika Taylor for sharing her time, talent and beautiful creations with the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection once again!

She's definitely amazing!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

~* tHe FoUr DaYs Of ChRiStMaS with eRiKa tAyLoR *~ Day Three

On the third day of Christmas
Erika Taylor designed for me
This golden shimmering gift box
Two stunning tags
and a gorgeous pInK and spArKlY Christmas tree!!!
Erika took a recycled tea tin and made it into this pretty gift box using the Shopping Fever scrapbooking theme kit and an animal print Rhinestone Sheet from the Paris Hilton Creativty Collection. We're so excited to have Erika guest designing with the line once again.
She'll be featured all week at Paris Creativity on Facebook!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

~* tHe FoUr DaYs oF ChRiStMaS with eRiKa tAyLoR *~ Day Two

On the second day of Christmas
Erika Taylor designed for me
Two stunning tags
and a gorgeous PiNk and SparKlY Christmas Tree!

Our guest designer Erika Taylor created these beautiful tags using the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection Shopping Fever scrapbooking theme kit and a rhinestone pack. Come join us at Paris Creativity on Facebook where Erika's designs will be featured all week!

Monday, November 29, 2010

~* tHe FoUr DaYs oF ChRiStMaS with eRiKa tAyLoR *~ Day One

On the first day of Christmas
Erika Taylor designed for me
a gorgeous PiNk & SpArKlY Christmas Tree!!!

Designed with butterflies, buttons and a rhinestone sheet from the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection! Come and see guest designer Erika Taylor's designs all this week featured at

Saturday, November 27, 2010

~* a sparkly SnEaK pEeK *~

She's back!!
Come see what Erika Taylor designed with the Paris Hilton Creativity
Collection starting this Monday!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

~* Sketches 2 Scrapbook - the App for Smart Phones is Here!! *~

It's here!!! The app for Sketches to Scrapbook is now available!!! Anam Stubbington has made it easy to have over a hundred sketches right at our fingertips! Click here to see some videos of the app! Whether you are attending a crop, at a craft store shopping, or just need some ideas in a hurry, you can grab your smart phone and you'll have more than enough inspiration to get you going!! The app is loaded with over one hundred sketches. (See the awesome samples above?) Best of all, it's so easy to navigate on! There are several search features to help you find exactly what you are looking for to create that perfect layout! Here are some of the beautiful layout examples that are included in the app:

And this is where you can purchase the app: Sketches 2 Scrapbook
I'm so thrilled to have 2 of my layouts in there inspired by Anam's beautiful sketches!! I'm unable to show them, but here are some sneakies of them!
All of the designers in this app are so talented, I'm very honored to be among them. And I am so excited for Anam! I hope this opens a lot of doors for her as she is so deserving!
Please visit the Sketches 2 Scrapbook Facebook page for some code giveaways this week!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

~* Shelly Hein-Simmons' PuP-StAr Layout - Paris Hilton Creativity Collection *~

Our Paris Hilton Creativity Collection guest designer Shelly Hein-Simmons created this adorable Pup-Star layout using the Rock Star Diva scrapbooking theme kit and a bling pack! I love Shelly's details, including all the sparkly glitter she added on the handcut patterned paper and her awesome stitching around the edges. And of course, the photograph of Beezy, Too Cute!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

~* Meet Shelly Hein-Simmons, our Paris Hilton Creativity Guest Designer! *~

The Paris Hilton Creativity Collection is excited to introduce Shelly Hein-Simmons as our featured guest designer this week. Shelly is a design team member for Helmar's Glue. She has been published in Memory Makers Magazine and several online scrapbooking and paper crafting enzines including Ready, Set, Create!, ScrapStreet, and Scrapbook News and Review.
I sent Shelly a Rock Star Diva scrapbooking theme kit and some bling to play with and here is one sparkly layout she created. I love how she did this! To see more of Shelly's work, visit her blog Reel Girl's Animal House! Shelly's designs will also be shown on the Paris Hilton Creativity Facebook page this week!
You can see the entire Paris Hilton Creativity Collection at www.pariscreativity.com.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

~* FlOwErS and LiGhTs PaPeR pAd - Paris Hilton Creativity Collection - $5.99! *~

Flowers and Lights patterned paper pads by the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection are only $5.99 at Tuesday Morning stores!
These patterned papers look they are lit up! The colors are so vibrant!
To see the whole collection online and for purchase information, please visit www.pariscreativity.com!

Friday, November 5, 2010

~* Jamie's Shopping Fever Card - Paris Hilton Creativity Collection*~

This adorable card is the final project Jamie Cripps created for us using papers and embellishments from the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection Shopping Fever scrapbooking theme kit! All of us at Wooky Entertainment would like to thank Jamie for sharing her time and talent with the line. Please check out her blog Bits of Paper for lots of inspiration!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

~* PaRiS HiLtOn CrEaTiViTy at TuEsDaY MoRnInG sToReS*~ edited

The Paris Hilton Creativity Collection can now be found at Tuesday Morning stores! HuGe!!!
I just went to a Tuesday Morning here in Frisco today and they had the beautiful Paris Hilton scrapbook albums for only $7.99, Flowers and Lights paper pads for only $5.99 and a variety of rhinestone sheets and bling packs ranging from only $1.99 to $3.99! The rhinestone sheet shown above- $1.99!!! I bought a bunch of stuff! Guys, these would make awesome, sparkly stocking stuffers for our girls! And these prices for the quality is unbelievable! And if you don't have Tuesday Mornings near you, you can still purchase the collection at reduced prices on www.pariscreativity.com

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

~* Jamie's sPaRkLy Trinket Box! The Paris Hilton Creativity Collection *~

What happens when you send a girl some bling to play with? You get amazing projects like this sparkly trinket box! Our guest designer Jamie Cripps made this for her daughter using a Paris Hilton Creativity Collection rhinestone sheet and some pieces form the Shopping Fever scrapbooking theme kit! To create this, Jamie traced the lid onto the back of the rhinestone sheet and cut it out! It's amazing what a little bit of sparkle can add to a project! These sheets are so cute and have so many possibilities.
Check out the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection at Tuesday Morning stores and also look for reduced prices on www.pariscreativity.com!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

~* CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS SF GiAnTs!!! *~

on winning their very first World Series!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyy!
Isn't this fan precious? I love her! I saw her on television last night celebrating in Union Square after the game!!
And I love this guy "The Freak," Tim Lincecum, who pitched an amazing game again last night. I'm so happy for the fans in my beautiful hometown who've waited so long for this title! And congratulations to the Texas Rangers for their awesome year and first World Series appearance.

(Now if only the 49ers can get it into gear!)


photos courtesy of FOX,zimbio.com

Monday, November 1, 2010

~*Meet JaMiE CrIpPs, our Paris Hilton Creativity Collection Guest Designer!*~

This week I'm very happy to present designs from the talented Jamie Cripps, our featured Guest Designer with the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection! You may have seen her work as her designing resume is pretty huge and includes the following: Glue Dots, Creative Charms, Momenta, PK Glitz, Scrap Within Reach, Design Team Details, and ScrapbookPal.com. Jamie also teaches at her local scrapbooking store Scrap Tales! Check out her amazing blog Bits of Paper for loads of inspiration! (And grab her cute blog button while you're there!)
The first project Jamie created is an altered composition book using the Flowers and Lights patterned paper pad, dimensional stickers from the Shopping Fever scrapbooking theme kit and some rhinestone accents from one of the bling packs. As Jamie says, "Now what pre-teen girl wouldn't love this?"
Jamie's designs will be featured on the Paris Creativity Facebook page all week. To see more of the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection, visit www.pariscreativity.com

Saturday, October 30, 2010

~* NoVeMbEr GuEsT DeSiGnErS *~

It's been awhile since we've had guest designers with the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection. But with the holidays nearing, I am so excited to be able to showcase three very talented ladies who will present their beautiful designs with the line during the month of November. Starting this Monday, Jamie Cripps will be our featured guest designer. Following her, we'll present designs from Shelly Hein-Simmons. And for our finale, our last featured guest designer of the month who I am so grateful shared her talent for us once again is Erika Taylor!!! And some news about the line, it is now available at Tuesday Morning stores!! So with the line available for purchase in this retail chain in America now, I hope you can check it out! This collection is such a great introduction for our girls to the world of scrapbooking!! Give them a gift that they can use to create sparkly memories. And grab something for yourself! We can never have enough bling and pretty papers in our crafting stash, right?
See you on Monday with designs from Jamie!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

~* Sketches 2 Scrapbook *~ an ipad/iphone application!

Hello Everyone!
It's been a crazy month moving and we're finally getting settled in, at least for a little while until we move again! And the absence of internet and tv for a couple of weeks was fun! haaa! But we're doing great and I hope all of you are too. I'm so excited to finally be able to share some news about my friend, designer Anam Stubbington, and her exciting project called Sketches 2 Scrapbook! It's an awesome iphone and ipad application she designed consisting of over 100 sketches and layouts that is due to launch in early November! I am honored to be a tiny part of this project with a couple of layouts I did for her using her beautiful sketches! I'll be showing my layouts and others as soon as it's okay. Congratulations to Anam for this wonderful and innovative idea!!! To find out more about Sketches 2 Scrapbook, you can visit Anam's blog by clicking the logo above, follow her on Twitter here and check out her facebook page below:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~* It's PiNkY & aLLy TiMe! *~ Paris Creativity

So we are under contract and I'm packing up my studio today! It's really hard to pack away everything indefinitely, but it's time to move on. And I wish the new homeowners much happiness here in this house. My fellow talented design team girls Pinky and Ally have made some beautiful projects using the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection.This first project designed by Pinky is an Ink Me Baby autograph book that she made using the Unibind. She used patterned paper from Flashes and Stars and some Paris bling for the cover. Very Hollywood, she should send it to Paris!
And Ally made these two adorable layouts using the Birthday Girl and Jet Set Life scrapbooking theme kits. She layered lots of flowers with bling centers, so pretty!
I have some very talented guest designers with the Paris line that I'm so excited to showcase coming up in the near future! In the meantime,thanks so much for all of your good wishes on the house and the upcoming move.
I appreciate you guys and I'll check back soon!!!