Sunday, December 27, 2009

~*my FaVoRiTe pInK holiday is coming up!*~

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
Ours was quiet, just the four of us.
My mother-in-law is back in the hospital,
but we couldn't get back to Boston this Christmas.
I actually had some time to create,
which was very therapeutic.
Here is a sneak peek of an upcoming project I did for the Paris line!
Stay tuned for February!
I had a giveaway for those who joined
the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection fan club!
This is in the early stages, and once the line is sold around the world,
this will be quite an awesome gallery for the girls to
submit their creations with the line and be able to get
inspiration from others.
So my lucky random winner using is MICHELE!
I'm sending her something sparKly! Congrats Michele
and thank you SO very much to those
special friends who signed up!
I really appreciate it!
Wishing all of you all the BEST in 2010!


NicNacManiac said...

Hey there BFF,
Fixed the pic issue, they were sent to me and I am not an expert yet!! Thanks for visiting and I hope that you, your husband and kidlets had a great time on Christmas. So sorry to hear that you MIL is ill. I pray that she feels better soon. It would be so fantastic to meet up in Boston, let me know when you have your next trip planned...I'm there!! Happy for you that you got a little creative time in...must have made you very happy!!
Enjoy the rest of your day sweetie, Big Hugs xOxO Nerina

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Sorry to hear about your MIL. Hope she comes home soon!

Your peek looks cute! Can't wait to see the rest. I hear ya on scrapbooking being therapuetic-I totally get that. When you do with no expectations, for yourself and just go with it-it's fun!

Happy New Year!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said... me and hubby were out doing my after christmas shopping yesterday and I see that target has all the YUMMY valentine stuff out all ready....and i say to brian, "sooooooo do U know why valentine's day is my all time fave holiday?....cuz i can tell u it ain't cuz of the gifts..." ... and hehehehehehehehehehe...he GUESSES right with, "because of all the PINK the stores have!?!?!?!" LOL LOL LOL...and here U post about PINK!!!! No wonder I love U soooooooooooooo much!!!!!! Sorry to hear about your MIL...I will have her in my prayers....and congrats to your winner! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Deb! For some reason, I can't open you photos....but I just bet that you have so much up your sleeve to share with us this coming February!!! I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the holiday and that you were able to craft; I too had the best time making gifts. I had so much fun, I will never forget it!!! HAVE A VERY WONDERFUL NEW YEAR! Anita

Six divided by two..... said...

I am sorry to hear about your mother in law. I SWEAR you are my long lost triplet. I love the V holiday!!!

That's Who I Am said...

Oh I love all the pink too! I hope you and your family had a great Christmas and I hope that your mother in law is doing alright! I have been MIA in the blogging world this week! Hoping to get back this week!

lotsa scrap said...

Happy to read that I'll be seeing some new works on art on your blog.

Jocelyn said...

Hey sweet glad that you had a great Holiday and so sorry to hear about your MIL...I will keep her in my prayers!!!

Love PINK...although I rarely get to use it!!!! You can just keep creating with all that fabulous pink and bling and I will enjoy it!!!! Man I need some girls in this family!!!

Enjoy the ret of the week and have a Very Happy New Year!!!! I wish I could head down and buy your house....I love it and I so want to move to Texas!!!

Love ya girlie!!! :-)

jacque4u2c said...


Sorry to hear about your mother in law. Hope it will be a short stay in the hospital!!!

Stay Safe!