Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My House is for Sale!!!

Here's the listing!
(Click on the address link below!!) How sad, my scrapbooking room is all packed away and everything is in a storage unit! Now instead of scrapping, I'm cleaning, non-stop!
Stressin' out!!
love to all...........

9966 Sugarberry Drive - Virginia Cook, Realtors

Thursday, October 8, 2009

~* fOr FoOtBaLl GiRlS OnLy *~

Now this is my kind of belt!!!
I need one of these! So the San Francisco 49ers are doing well at 3-1 now. I'm pretty excited, it's been awhile since I've had high hopes for playoffs, so YaY! My fantasy football teams on the other hand, not so good. I'm benching my hottie Tony Romo this weekend for Joe Flacco and Eli Manning. Romo needs to prove himself worthy again before I play him. But I do play in my fellow Armenian girl Kim Kardashian's Fantasy World league, and out of 115 players, I am happy to say my Pink Stilettos are in first place!
That can change in a heartbeat though, it's a do or die league, so one mishap- I play the wrong player(s) that week and I can be eliminated altogether.
On Tuesday night, my husband and I were taken out to dinner by the president
of Wooky Entertainment and his lovely wife (the creators of the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection.) They are here in Dallas from Montreal and we had an incredible time with them. If I didn't love this company before, I really am impressed now after hearing the dreams of this motivated couple and how they made it all happen. Wonderful people.
They actually have another teen/tween craft line called Style Me Up.
Amazing products geared for the young girls to inspire them to be creative.
On a personal note, we are in the process of selling our home. It's been sheer madness getting the home ready to list for this coming Monday. Hopefully we will be able to sell in this bad market- we'll be lucky to break even. But it's time for our family to move on.
More than likely we will build again, so temporary housing is in the future, God knows where yet. And that means no scrapbooking for awhile. So for anyone wondering where I am, I am here packing, cleaning, and going crazy. I may not get much time online so just know I love you guys and when things settle down, I'll be back. Hope everyone is doing great.
Go Niners!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

~* Purrrfect! *~

Meet Kylie!
Her mom and I went to high school together and are still great friends! Eleven years ago, I had Kyle and Kelly had Kylie! How ironic is that!
It's already been settled... we're arranging for these two to be
married in 15 years! If only!
I used Paris Hilton Pet's Beauty Shop scrapbooking
theme kit for Kylie's layout.
How Purrrfect is that!?


Next I had the "urge" to alter something, so I created this wall hanging!
I covered a piece of Tim Holtz grungeboard, added some lace, stickers, the cute paw print charm and some bling.
Girls can use their imagination to create sparKly
layouts and room decor. The possibilities are endless!

The scrapbooking theme kits are $19.99. There are 9 different
theme kits in all.
You can view the entire Paris Hilton The Creativity Collection here:


~* special thanks to Kylie for her pretty photo! *~
~* Pet's Beauty Shop kit photo courtesy of Wooky Entertainment *~