Friday, September 11, 2009

~* rOcK stAr dIvA *~ Scrapbooking ROCKS!

Calling all RocK StaRs!
These designs are from the "Rock Star Diva"
theme kit & Flashes & Stars paper pad from
Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection!
I took a clear decorative rhinestone sheet from the collection and cut it up for a sparKly border! And below, I altered a composition book with some bling.
Make school fun & sparKly- decorate your binders & notebooks! There are so many fun things you can do with this collection!
Helping to inspire girls to be creative, that is my desire.
You can see more of the line which goes on sale September 15 @

On a personal note, we are all hanging in there, thank you ALL so much for your thoughts!
You guys ROCK! The kiddos are okay,
Ava is a little worse than Kyle. She couldn't hold anything
down yesterday. But thank God today she is actually moving off the couch!
I feel like it's hitting me-
but might as well get it now and be done with it.
And considering it is September 11th today,
I have nothing to complain about.
In remembrance of those who lost their lives
on this date, we will never forget.
*~ special thanks to Brenna for sharing her pretty photos! *~


Melanie Stanczyk said...

Hope you and the kids feel better!

I love bling, bling layouts! You certainly can rock the Paris line, they are sooooooo lucky to have you!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are all doing OK. Loving the pages and this paper line rocks! Even if it is Paris Hilton! Just kidding! ;)

That's Who I Am said...

Love your los! Oh gosh I hope you don't get it. Poor thing I hope she can keep something down. Did the doctor give you anything for them? Probably told you to keep them away from the doctor's office now. That's what they are telling people around here. Just don't even come in! Hope everyone gets better there!

TxScrapAddict said...

love your projects! You are truely inspiring!

Hope the family is getting better. If you do get it..hope you just get a mild case. And, so right you are about 9/11. The day we lost our innocence andso many lost so much more....

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello my dear Deb! I am very happy to hear your little ones are on the many parents are seeing their children suffer through this ugly flu...your art is gorgeous as ever and I am forever reminded of your craft when I see my darling flower. You are special! Anita

Candy said...

Thanks for stopping by. Blessings on the kids and mom as they continue to get better. Love you zany sparkled creations. What a fun run you are having. Enjoy it all! ;-)

Toni said...

Awesome los!! Glad the kids r getting better & I hope that you don't get sick lil MIssy!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Thanks for all your love on my blog....U have nooooooooooooooo idea what it means to me!!!! Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the LO's .....that BLUE ROCKS!!!!!!! And hopefully (fingers crossed and prayers being said!) everyone is better soon! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Tara Powell said...

Love your blog, so chic and girly!
Hope your kiddos get to feeling better and that you don't catch it!
Have a great weekend :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello sweet one! Thank you for your lovely comments!! :) Anita

Jocelyn said...

So glad that Kyle is feeling better and Ava is doing a bit better!!! Oh I hope this does not hit you!!!!! I love the do the Paris line such justice!!!! Love you girlie..wish I were close to help out!!!!! :)

Maggi said...

Gorgeous projects! I hope the kiddos are better soon and that you can keep fighting it off!

Cecile said...

Awesome work!! I love your blingy style!!!Thanks for visiting my blog for Scrapbook Studio and come back to visit soon:)

jazsutra said...

COOOOOOOOOOL pages there Deb!! love your funky style ;)