Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~* fOr foOtbaLl girLs onLy*~

Well, Brett Favre proved he still can play. His gunslinging arm cost the 49ers a win with 2 seconds left to play, so they slip to 2-1. All NFC West teams lost, so at least the Niners didn't get behind.
My fantasy football teams went 1-1.
What's up with your teams? Shoot me a message to celebrate or vent!!!!!! Who do you think is Superbowl bound?? Any predictions yet??

Friday, September 25, 2009

~* MaKe iT SpArKlE*~ Rhinestone Sheets, They're Hot!!!!

I love the concept behind the Paris Hilton line which is promoting self esteem in tween/teen girls. I wouldn't design for a scrapbooking line that I didn't believe in or wasn't passionate about. It has been such a great experience featuring a wonderful group of girls and their unique talents and goals such as Laura's beautiful daughter, Victoria,
who hopes to be on Broadway someday!
For her layout, I used patterned paper from the Beauty Shop scrapbooking theme kit and 3 different rhinestone embellishment packs from the Paris Hilton collection. These rhinestone embellishments are so cool and they can be used on cell phones, lipsticks, almost anything.
I opted to use them for scrapbooking.

The rhinestone packs I used were 4" X 6" Flowers ($13.99) & 2.5" X 4" Silver Square ($7.99). I just kept the flowers sheet intact to the left of the photograph, and using Silver Square, I cut rows of rhinestones to create a border edge. Lastly I used a 4" X 6" rhinestone pack called Beach ($13.99) for an extra bling flower accent.

You can see the entire Paris Hilton The Creativity Collection here @ www.pariscreativity.com


~*Special thanks to Victoria for her beautiful photo.*~
Rhinestone embellishment photos courtesy of Wooky Entertainment.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

~* designs by KaTeLyN!*~ like mother like daughter!

What an absolute priviledge it is to feature this amazing young artist, Katelyn! She is the talented daughter of Jacque who many of you know! Katelyn has a God given talent for art as you can see in her beautiful drawing here. She loves to share her art to make people happy!
It was easy deciding which paper from the Paris Hilton line I would use for Katelyn's layout because her top happened to match the patterned paper from the Flashes & Stars paper pad perfectly! A couple of other Paris items I used were the pink photo frame from the Birthday Girl scrapbooking theme kit and the pink rhinestone lips from a rhinestone package. Other embellishments were letter stickers, crochet trim, foil trim, stick pins, felt butterfly, Prima flower and satin leaf.
The Flashes & Stars paper pad is $14.99 and has 24 double sided patterned paper sheets. There are 3 different paper pads in this line.
To see these and all of Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection, go to


~*special thanks to katelyn for her pretty photo and beautiful artwork *~
Flashes & Stars paper pad photo courtesy of Wooky Entertainment.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

~* fOr FoOtBaLl GiRlS OnLy!*~ my RAK winner!!

My 49ers are 2-0 and I want to do some shopping to celebrate!
Check out this sparKly number by Kathrine Baumann, it's only $2999.99! Needless to say, my husband won't be getting it for me!
But if you have an extra $3000, you can purchase it at
www.shop49ers.com! Maybe I can get this one, it's only $799.99! What do you think honey! lol

I will be blogging a "for football girls only" post weekly so my football girls out there have a place to celebrate or vent! I am doing both this week. I am over the moon for my Niners win this weekend. We are 2-0! And yet both of my fantasy football teams lost! (Thanks a lot Romo, you killed the Pink Stilettos this week!)
I did sign up with Kim Kardashian's fantasy football league at Fantasy World. In that league, you pick one player of each position to gain the most points, but you can only use each player one time! So that's a little different way of playing for me, you have to really check the weekly matchups.

Last week I had a giveaway post I was doing for the football girls out there and using Random.org. I am happy to announce my winner who is none other than my favorite NY Giants fan, Julie!!!! Congrats Julie!
Nice win over the Cowboys.
Good luck to all your favorite teams this weekend!
See you with another football post next week!


Numbers generated for Random.org were as follows: 1. Kat, 2. Anam, 3. Maggi, 4. Kimberly, 5. Karen, 6. Anita, 7. Melanie, 8. Julie, 9. Christy, 10. Nerina, 11. Kim, 12. Vicki
photos courtesy of www.shop49ers.com

Monday, September 21, 2009

~* A vErY mErRy uN-bIrThDaY To yOu!*~

Lately my scrapbooking style has been geared towards tweens & teens showing different ideas of how they can use Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection scrapbooking line. I haven't created anything heavily embellished in awhile, so it was time! And I wanted to use this line to do it. I had some pretty patterned papers left from the Birthday Girl theme kit. So I cut the birthday cake patterned paper into a tiered cake shape and paired it with the pink glitter paper for the background. I cut tiny blue flowers out from another of the papers.
The pink border stickers are from the kit as well as the Birthday Girl sticker. The bling swirls are from a Paris rhinestone pack.
I added Prima flowers, Maya Road velvet flowers, a Prima butterfly, lace, pearl border accents, foil trim, blue tulle and some cute mushroom accents I found on etsy.
Lastly, I added a picture of Ava from her 5th Un- Birthday party.
(We love Alice!)
Here is the Birthday Girl scrapbooking theme kit which is now available online for $19.99 @ www.pariscreativity.com
Happy Monday Everyone!
~*Birthday Girl kit photo courtesy of Wooky Entertainment.*~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

~*GoInG gReEn with Paris Hilton's scrapbooking packaging!*~

So far I have gone through 7 of the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection scrapbooking theme kits and about 8 packages of rhinestones sheets and bling. Not only is what's inside HOT, but the packaging for this line is pretty cute too. I couldn't bear to throw any of it away! I had a pile of empty packages sitting in the corner of my studio and yesterday I decided to turn this trash into treasure! I wanted to use the different Paris images on the metallic cardboard to come up with a wall hanging for my daughter Ava's bedroom. So I took 3 different scrapbooking kits and cut the images of Paris into 4 X 7 inch segments, punched holes equal distance apart and tied the 3 pieces together with some blue tulle. Then I glitzed it up with some lace, ribbon, a Prima rose and some bling from one of Paris' rhinestone packs - "I Love Me."
Perfect as all girls should love themselves, so important.

Next, I created a layout of my daughter's BFF Ashley. This time I cut 5 Paris images from the rhinestone sheet and bling packages. I created a shiny border with these, alternating the different colors, on the bottom edge of patterned paper from the Flashes & Stars paper pad. I added some flowers, foil, letter stickers and trim! "That's Hot!"
So girls, if you buy anything from this line, make sure that you save the packaging and let's see what creations you can come up with!! You can see the whole collection here @

~* Special thanks to Ashley for her sassy photos! *~

Friday, September 18, 2009

~*BeAuTy ShOp KiT *~ Paris Hilton The Creativity Collection

Here is another sparKly scrapbooking theme kit from Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection. This one is called Beauty Shop and it is pretty cute! This is one kit in the collection that I can definitely say works for girls of any age!
Spa Day, Beauty Queen, Princess for a Day - you name it, this kit covers all your 'girlie girl' themes!
This all inclusive kit has everything a scrapbooker could wish for to create a sparKly, pretty page including 6 patterned papers - 3 with glitter effect,1 rhinestone embellishment sheet, 1 letter sticker sheet, 1 dimensional sticker sheet, and 1 cardstock sticker sheet with glitter effect.

Scrapbooking theme kits are $19.99 and there are nine different themes to select from. To see more of Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection and to check pricing and availability,


~*special thanks to Alyssa & Ava for their beautiful photos!*~
Beauty Shop kit photo courtesy of Wooky Entertainment.com

Thursday, September 17, 2009

~*tHaT bOy Is MiNe KiT *~ Paris Hilton The Creativity Collection

This scrapbooking theme kit from Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection was one of my favorites to design with. It has great colors, fun embellishments and a 'rocker' edge to it. (LOVE that!)
This one is perfect for the teens! It's all about the boys! So boyfriends, crushes, school dances, proms - this is THE kit for girls to have to make those special pages.
Again, the concept with this collection is to encourage girls to be creative. And scrapbooking is not only a great hobby, but a creative way to capture those special memories so that they can be relived and enjoyed for years to come.
This kit includes 6 pretty patterned papers - 3 with flocking effect,
1 epoxy sticker sheet, 1 letter sticker sheet, 1 rhinestone embellishment sheet,
and 1 cardstock sticker sheet with glitter effect.

Scrapbooking theme kits are $19.99. There are nine different kits available. Check out the rhinestone iron on sets and other fun items in Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection @


~*special thanks to Brenna for her pretty photo!*~
That Boy is Mine kit photo courtesy of Wooky Entertainment.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

~* PeT's BeAuTy ShOp kit *~ Paris Hilton The Creativity Collection

I want to welcome all of my new Twitter friends from around the world!
I'm very excited that Paris "tweeted" my blog yesterday! Thank you all for stopping by! (You can catch me on Twitter here!)
Yesterday was the launch of Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection! I have had the pleasure of designing with this line and I am passionate about it and the concept behind it which is encouraging girls to be creative!
This theme kit is called Pet's Beauty Shop! Any girls who have pets, this kit is for you! This all inclusive kit includes 6 patterned papers - 3 of which are flocked, 1 rhinestone embellishment sheet, 1 letter sticker sheet, 1 dimensional sticker sheet, and 1 card stock sticker sheet with glitter effects. Everything you need for pretty, sparKly pages is inside!
There are nine different scrapbooking theme kits in all. Theme kits are $19.99.
There are many fun items in this collection that girls will love.
To see all of the items available go to
~*Special thanks to Alyssa for her beautiful photos!*~
Pet's Beauty Shop kit photo courtesy of Wooky Entertainment.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

~*BiRtHdAy GiRl KiT *~ Paris Hilton The Creativity Collection

Today is the day! It's the online launch of Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection! The Birthday Girl kit is just one of nine theme kits available! These sparKly kits are perfect for young scrapbookers as everything they need is right inside. This kit includes 6 patterned papers - 3 with glitter effect, 1 rhinestone embellishment sheet, 1 letter sticker sheet, 1 cardstock sticker sheet, and 1 dimensional sticker sheet.

Theme kits are $19.99 and available online today!
To see all of the collection, go to
~* Special thanks to Khila for her pretty photos!*~
Birthday Girl kit photo courtesy of Wooky Entertainment.

Monday, September 14, 2009

~* fOr FoOtBaLl gIrLs OnLy *~

Paris, what are you wearing!
Someone at the 49ers facility send this girl a signed Patrick Willis jersey FAST!
(Especially now that Urlacher is going to miss the rest of the season due to a wrist injury, yikes!)
I am excited for the 49ers win yesterday! And my fantasy football teams both rocked! Yesterday was a great day! My poor family knows what it's like when Sundays go bad- we've been there many times! To my Arizona girls, I'm sorry! You'll have another shot at us! I actually love the Cardinals. Just not yesterday!
I love our coach Mike Singletary.
He is everything and more that a team could ask for. Thank you God!

If you love to show spirit for your team, check out Alyssa Milano's NFL TOUCH line. I love her stuff. You can see the collection here: www.nflshop.com
And for my fellow football girls out there, leave me a comment telling me your
favorite NFL team and I will put together a RAK gift especially for you!!!
I know Karen is my Seahawks girl! And Christy is my Titans girl!
I want to see who else you guys like out there!
Oh, and if you're a Niners fan, you get entered twice!
(Just kidding!!!)
I need to get me one of these!!! xOxO

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I am very excited for the launch of this collection!
I have had the pleasure of creating with it,
and I love it. And I love the concept behind it-
encouraging girls to be creative.
I know the girls will love it too!

~* special thanks to Victoria for sharing this pretty photo!! *~

Friday, September 11, 2009

~* rOcK stAr dIvA *~ Scrapbooking ROCKS!

Calling all RocK StaRs!
These designs are from the "Rock Star Diva"
theme kit & Flashes & Stars paper pad from
Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection!
I took a clear decorative rhinestone sheet from the collection and cut it up for a sparKly border! And below, I altered a composition book with some bling.
Make school fun & sparKly- decorate your binders & notebooks! There are so many fun things you can do with this collection!
Helping to inspire girls to be creative, that is my desire.
You can see more of the line which goes on sale September 15 @

On a personal note, we are all hanging in there, thank you ALL so much for your thoughts!
You guys ROCK! The kiddos are okay,
Ava is a little worse than Kyle. She couldn't hold anything
down yesterday. But thank God today she is actually moving off the couch!
I feel like it's hitting me-
but might as well get it now and be done with it.
And considering it is September 11th today,
I have nothing to complain about.
In remembrance of those who lost their lives
on this date, we will never forget.
*~ special thanks to Brenna for sharing her pretty photos! *~

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~* mY tWo bOoKeNdS *~

So this is what I am looking at today! My poor son has the Influenza A flu virus, 10% of his middle school is out sick. He'll be home all week. My daughter, which I dragged to the dr. today right after school, tested negative but that was more likely a false negative the dr. said as she has a high risk of getting it. And now she is starting to go downhill FAST. I just got her Tamiflu presciption filled! So I have been disinfecting my house all day instead of scrapbooking!! And No, I'm not making them wear the masks around the house cuz if I'm gonna get it, I'm gonna get it!
But I will leave you with one more layout using, you guessed it, Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection featuring my niece Danni!
This is from the "Jet Set Life" theme
scrapbooking kit.
The theme kits have really cute patterned papers and fun embellishments with lots of bling- and what girl wouldn't love that!
To see more of the line, go to www.pariscreativity.com
The collection will be available online September 15th!
Back to the lysol !!!!!!


Monday, September 7, 2009

~* It'S aLL aBouT mE!*~ well, not me really....

It's all about the teens/tweens!
I am fortunate to be designing with a line that is geared for young
ladies to encourage them to get creative with this
awesome hobby that we all love.
On this "All About Me" layout of Ashley, I used Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection Flowers and Lights paper pad as well as a decorative rhinestone sheet, letter stickers, border sticker and rhinestone accents. The Creativity Collection has vibrant papers, fun themed kits, and pretty embellishments loaded with bling that girls will love designing with.
Special thanks to Ashley for sharing positive qualities about herself.
To see more of Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection, check out their website at:

The line will be available September 15th on their website!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

~* MiX iT Up*~ Paris Hilton The Creativity Collection

When I design, I like to mix papers and embellishments from different manufacturers to create a unique look. This layout is no exception.
I used the Flowers & Lights patterned paper from Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection along with some Paris bling and sticker tag from her Born for Luxury kit. I then added a Prima flower, black Prima rhinestone swirl, flower brad,
Heidi Swapp journal tag, lace and some vintage earring accents.
The Creativity Collection is geared for tween/teen girls like Ashley
(who is destined for luxury as she wants to be an industrial engineer someday)
to inspire them to capture their memories through scrapbooking. But that is not to say that big girls can't enjoy this trendy line too!!!!! The pretty papers and rhinestone accents will definitely mix well with other lines.
Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection will be available September 15th!! To see more of the line, check out their website @


Saturday, September 5, 2009

~* rEaCh for the... sparKly StArS *~ Paris Hilton ~ The Creativity Collection

There are so many ways to create with the
pretty rhinestone sheets from
Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection.
I cut them up here and coordinated them with the
Flashes and Stars paper pad. Girls will have a lot
of fun making their scrapbook pages sparKle with
the pretty bling and patterned papers available in this line!!
Special thanks to these 2 stars, Brenna & Alyssa,
for sharing their goals & attributes!