Saturday, May 23, 2009

~* tArInA tArAnTiNo*~ bling it on!

Saying I'm addicted to Tarina Tarantino jewelry, as you can see by my collection above, is an understatement. This new 'city girl' ring just came out and she'll be on my finger soon! (Look, she even has my funky hair!) Tarina has a 20% off special this weekend, that doesn't come along too often! I can never pass up a sale, especially with her designs! Tarina always inpires me to follow my passion of designing. I even created a premade scrapbook for her a few years ago in appreciation. There is a lot of inspiration on her website. So take a peek, but don't blame me if you spend WAY too much money okay!!!!!



Jocelyn said...

Oh loving the jewelery!!!! Look at you go girlie...bling bling!!!! No you cannot enable me anymore! I just got a Pandora bracelet from my scrappy girls for my Birthday and now I am totally addicted to that!!! Do you see a pattern here. HA HA I am an addictions counselor!!!!! Have a great weekend my sweet friend and thank you for the wonderful comments!!!!

Maggi said...

Eep! I love all the Hello Kitty!!!

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Jeepers girl! I'm going though my blog reader list and you have a TON of posts!

What an awesome collection! Does Ava get to play with it?