Wednesday, March 4, 2009

~* feeling blue, painting PINK*~

Funny when I don't feel great, I run to my 'happy room' to create and take my mind off the pain! And why is it that I am loving cardboard so much these days? I wish I discovered this love for it before I recycled tons of it~ and before I bought loads of patterned paper! Just think of all the $$$ I would have saved! This project took me about 15 minutes, probably the quickest thing I have EVER made~ I distressed the cardboard, painted it pink, added paper, Prima stars, swirls and flower, a heart pick, some crystal flower picks , my photo and a vintage earring and voila! Almost too easy! Melanie, my friend & fellow KOTC DT girl actually motivated me because of her amazing talent as an artist. She cuts wood herself AND paints it, BESIDES being a scrapbooking goddess!
This girl is unreal! You have to check out her blog at:


Melanie Stanczyk said...

Aww Deb!!!! You are so SWEET!

I love when I motive people to be creative and I LOVE your creation! You go girl!

Isn't playing with cardboard fun and it don't cost anything!

The Average Jay said...

Hey 12 years into it and you just figure out how to save me some cash. GOOD GIRL. Love ya

Dena said...

Ohh that is BEAUTIFUL Deb! I love all of the texture on here. Awesome job.
And I am so bummed that you didnt submit. But keep on posting over at BG's and getting your work out for everyone to see :)

Drama queens mum said...

I so love pink & girlie things.

Just Kyle said...

WOW that is a new style for you!!!

looking good, I love the new cardboard look.

I Love It

Sandra said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! WOW...i've just been browsing yours for a bit do BEAUTIFUL work!!!

Niki said...

Just beautiful Deb! I have been stashing cardboard away for a few months - probably time to start crafting with it!

Theresa said...

Hi there. I wandered over to your site while blog hopping..Your work is wonderful. I really like your 15 minute project. turned out great. I love using Kraft paper as a base, which is a similar color as cardboard.. its a neutral backdrop for any color.

Well, just wanted to say hello. I'm going to look at the rest of your designs.. have a great weekend! =)

Katamommy said...

This is great! I love the bling!

susie Vasquez said...

Hi Deb your cardboard artistic creation is very beautiful. Love your creative talents.
xoxo Susie

The Average Jay said...

Wow you really have some great comments on your work. I'm very proud of you that not only do you make our house more beautiful but now the rest of the world is seeing it too.

alice said...

j'aime beaucoup cette page et la photo est superbe
merci pour ton message sur mon blog