Friday, February 20, 2009

~* Queen of Green! *~

Check out this peek of the RoYaL "Queen of Green" March kit from
A Kiss on the Chic! Go Green!!! xOxO


The Average Jay said...

I know Kyle comments on your blog everyday but I have him beat on this one. This comment is coming all the way from the Rockland Massachusetts public library. It's a zillion years old with a working computer. I am taking a walk down old time lane. Laura may be the Queen of Green but your the "Queen of my heart".

Pinky said...

Hey girl, its funny I was thinking of you too because I saw your post on Niki's blog.
I am going to do a card drive and donation drive. It is all posted on my blog.
If you want to send a card or anything let me know.
I will send her a box on the 27th.
I will be praying today for The entire family.