Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~* how sweet *~

Out of all her Christmas presents, Ava was most intrigued with the red tissue paper!
So of course this layout has red tissue paper along with Prima, Jenni Bowlin, Creative Imaginations, Heidi Swapp, some lace, crystal flower picks, pipe cleaner, pink tulle, pearl sticker accents and a red paper rose!


lizzie said...

gorgeous layout!!

lizzie said...

pft dude your blog is way cuter!!!
what part of texas are you in?

lizzie said...

no clue if the comment i left went thru... damn wireless lol
i love your blog... it's way cuter than mine lol
what part of texas are you in? i'm around houston... it's pretty pimp over this way lol

Melanie Stanczyk said...

So beautiful Deb!

lizzie said...

my computer was being all lame last nite... it keeps freezing when i want to do something impt... like leave comments! hahaha
i love your style... it's way cute! i'm still trying to find out my personal style with scrapping... it's a lil harder than i thought it would be!

Anonymous said...

Very nice layout. I really enjoy looking at your work. I would have to say you are a real artist and not just a scrapbooker. I'll keep looking in on your blog.