Thursday, December 31, 2009

~* L-O-V-E is IN the book! *~

Valentine's Day is HUGE for me!
It's my favorite ~*pink*~ holiday.
I'm known for sending Valentine's Day photo cards
instead of Christmas photo cards!
I bribe the kids every year to get
those treasured portraits, and this year will be
no different (to their dismay!)
Here's a few pages from my LOVE book.
I'll add more embellishments after I unpack them,
whenever that is.
Some good news, one of the buyers who came to our house
liked it and has it on their list.

So maybe 2010 will start out really great afterall!
Here's wishing everyone a fabulous 2010!
Thank you all so much for your
continuous inspiration and friendship!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

~* aLtErEd LOVE bOoK*~

In sheer frustration, I had my husband go to the storage unit to bring
me a box of my scrapbooking supplies because I am seriously going nuts not being able to create anything while our home is on the market. (Did I mention the staging lady told me that it looked like someone "threw up" in my studio!!!) HMPH! Needless to say, I had to remove almost everything in there. 15 boxes!
It's been two long months and I need to get my stuff back! So in the one box he grabbed, I had this Heidi Swapp book binder designed by the talented

Janet Hopkins of House of Three. These books are awesome. I only did the cover so far and I used sparKly glitter Mod Podge, which I admit to never using before! I started layering and topped it off with this beautiful cherub embellishment from BlueMoon Scrapbooking. And some dangling bling from Teresa Collins!
The inside of this album allows for so many possibilities, I can't wait to get started on that. But I'm out of the house now for a showing,
so cross your fingers everyone! I can't take much more of this house cleaning!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

~*my FaVoRiTe pInK holiday is coming up!*~

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
Ours was quiet, just the four of us.
My mother-in-law is back in the hospital,
but we couldn't get back to Boston this Christmas.
I actually had some time to create,
which was very therapeutic.
Here is a sneak peek of an upcoming project I did for the Paris line!
Stay tuned for February!
I had a giveaway for those who joined
the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection fan club!
This is in the early stages, and once the line is sold around the world,
this will be quite an awesome gallery for the girls to
submit their creations with the line and be able to get
inspiration from others.
So my lucky random winner using is MICHELE!
I'm sending her something sparKly! Congrats Michele
and thank you SO very much to those
special friends who signed up!
I really appreciate it!
Wishing all of you all the BEST in 2010!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

~* a PiNk and WHITE cHrIsTmAs!*~

So here is my pink Christmas tree!
And if you look closely outside the window,
it looks like we'll be having a white Christmas!
This is a first for me, being a San Francisco girl-
but a white Christmas in Dallas? That's pretty rare!
Actually I just found out it's been 80 years since Dallas had a white Christmas! So beautiful!
Merry Christmas friends!
Wishing all of you the very best!
xOxO deb

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

~* ScRaPsCeNe*~

Paris Hilton's Holiday Keepsake Gift Boxes are
featured on ScrapScene today!
It's also featured in the December issue's
teen section in Paris Hilton's blog.
This is such a great project for girls of all ages!
These keepsake gift boxes are a gift in themselves, and they are sure to
be treasured by anyone who receives them.
To see how you can create these,
check out Paris Hilton's " A Gift from the Heart" at
You can see all the pretty scrapbooking and crafting products
this teen line has available at:
And check out the brand new fan club on the website geared especially for girls from all over the world to submit their crafting creations!

Monday, December 21, 2009

~* so much for that dream! *~

Buy Me!

Well my playoff hopes for San Francisco didn't pan out too well.
Okay, I'm over that now.
What I really REALLY want for Christmas is for our house to sell!
In the meantime, don't forget about my giveaway.
Join the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection fan club
and leave me a comment that you did
so I can enter you to win a sparKly prize!!!!!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

~* pLaYoFf bOuNd??? *~

It's been awhile since I've done a football post,
and I'm VERY excited about this football weekend!
First I thought San Francisco was out of the run
for the playoffs, but now we're back in the hunt.
We have a HUGE game tomorrow against McNabb and staff.
My poor team is gonna be playing in a snow pit!

I know Dallas is cheering for SF, for once! They need us to beat Philly!
So are my New York Giants fans!
The Cowboys have their hands full with New Orleans tonight!
That will be a great game!
Both of my fantasy football teams are in the playoffs
by some miracle!
I'm crossing my fingers BIG TIME this weekend!
So to the football girls out there,
hope all your teams do well and playoffs are in your future!
Go Niners!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Paris Hilton The Creativity Collection Fan Club- GIVEAWAY!

Calling all Teens & Tweens!
Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection website
has some exciting news!
The Fan Club is now here! It's an awesome place where girls can share their creations and comments with other girls who love
creating just like they do.
And in celebration, I'm doing a HOT givaway!
Leave me a comment if your tween or teen registers
and you'll be entered to win a sparKly surprise!
(And hey, Big girls can be a fan too- I'm on there!)
Even Ava is a fan!
You have until Christmas Day to enter for my giveaway.

and join in on the H*U*G*E online fun!!!!
While you're there, check out the special going on now,
free shipping on all orders over $75!

(Applies to purchases in USA and Canada only.)


~*Photo property of Wooky Entertainment*~

Sunday, December 13, 2009

~* sPaRkLY hOlIdAy KeEpSaKe gIfT BoXeS *~

As many of you know, most of my scrapbooking studio is currently packed away in a storage unit while our house is on the market. And I'm going CRAZY being unable to create anything these past couple of months!
I wanted to make Paris Hilton's Holiday Keepsake Gift Box idea featured in the teen section at this month. I loved the idea of using a layout on the gift box, I had never seen that before!
So I ran and bought another paper trimmer, a glue stick, some glue dots, and a few decoupage boxes. Those basic items and a few pieces from the Paris Hilton line was all I needed to create the gift boxes shown.
I created the layout for the keepsake gift box above using the My New BFF theme kit and the Flowers and Lights paper pad from the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection. I covered this box with purple paper, and adhered my layout on top. Very simple, yet it looks so elegant.
Then I was in the crafting mood (after being deprived for so long!) so I created the box below using the Flowers and Lights paper pad again (I LOVE that paper pad!) I made some layered flowers from the paper pad for the top and glittered them with tons of Stickles. I glued some trims around the top edge and my gift box was done. So much more personal that gift wrap! Who wouldn't love getting a package like this?

This is such a fun project! Moms and daughters, create these gift boxes together and have fun being creative!
All of the instructions to create these pretty gift boxes are given
on, so check it out!
You can see all of Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection at:
And keep your eye out on their website for some exciting news
that's coming VERY soon!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

PaRiS HiLtOn - Holiday Keepsake Gift Box!

Look who's scrapbooking!
It's Paris Hilton! And she is creating a fantastic holiday project that is featured in the teen section at this month-
Holiday Keepsake Gift Boxes!!
You can make gift giving even more uniQue this holiday season by creating holiday keepsake gift boxes for your loved ones that are sure to be treasured for years to come.

These gift boxes are covered in beautiful patterned papers from Paris' line and topped with a custom layout with lots of bling personalized just for your recipient. What a beautiful way to present a gift! It's actually a gift in itself!
Check it out:

Holiday Keepsake Gift Boxes, now that's HOT!!!
To see the Paris Hilton collection, please go to:

~*photos courtesy and property of Wooky Entertainment*~

Friday, November 27, 2009

~* sPaRkLy bLaCk FrIdAy *~

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Christmas is right around the corner, and if you have some girls on your Christmas list who love to create, check out the sparKly scrapbooking and craft items from
There's something for girls of all ages, so be unique and give the gift of creativity this Christmas.
Happy Holidays!
~*Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection logo courtesy of Wooky Entertainment*~

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TaRiNa TaRaNtInO for sale!

I'm clearing out some of my Tarina Tarantino collection in order to make some money to help with our move.
These earrings are brand new. Any Tarina or Hello Kitty fans, check out my ebay auctions here! And YAY my 49ers FINALLY broke their 4 game losing streak, sooooo happy!!!!
Love to all!

Monday, November 2, 2009

~* Good for you Brett! *~

Yes, I wasn't happy when Brett threw this last second touchdown pass in the endzone against my 49ers a few weeks ago, but the guy proved he still has it in him. And how can I not like him, he has MY birthday afterall(10/10!) Of course I'm biased in believing that Joe Montana is the best QB of all time, but Brett sure comes close.
Yesterday when he faced his old Green Bay team and the fans were booing him, I thought it was disgusting. I know he got a few cheers too, but come on Green Bay! We had to deal when Joe went to Kansas City! I'm happy he got that win in that all important game.
What do you guys think?
The 49ers defense rocked yesterday. They held Manning to zero touchdown passes! That's a victory in itself. Sad we lost, but I have high hopes for the team under this amazing coach.
Oh, for my fantasy playing girls out there, my fantasy teams are making a comeback thanks to Tony Romo and Miles Austin! Thanks Dallas for getting it together- finally! I'm barely hanging onto 1st place in Kim Kardashian's knockout fantasy football league, so cross your fingers!
I've been MIA, I know. Trying to keep the house spotless 24/7 is taking a toll on me. It's non stop cleaning. The market is really slow right now, but I'm keeping positive we'll have a buyer soon. We are going to build again and the new home is gonna be perfect for our family in a wonderful area. I can't wait.
I want to thank all of you for your comments. I appreciate them! I miss you guys and even though I haven't had a chance to blog, just know that I'm thinking of you!
Hope all of your teams are doing great!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My House is for Sale!!!

Here's the listing!
(Click on the address link below!!) How sad, my scrapbooking room is all packed away and everything is in a storage unit! Now instead of scrapping, I'm cleaning, non-stop!
Stressin' out!!
love to all...........

9966 Sugarberry Drive - Virginia Cook, Realtors

Thursday, October 8, 2009

~* fOr FoOtBaLl GiRlS OnLy *~

Now this is my kind of belt!!!
I need one of these! So the San Francisco 49ers are doing well at 3-1 now. I'm pretty excited, it's been awhile since I've had high hopes for playoffs, so YaY! My fantasy football teams on the other hand, not so good. I'm benching my hottie Tony Romo this weekend for Joe Flacco and Eli Manning. Romo needs to prove himself worthy again before I play him. But I do play in my fellow Armenian girl Kim Kardashian's Fantasy World league, and out of 115 players, I am happy to say my Pink Stilettos are in first place!
That can change in a heartbeat though, it's a do or die league, so one mishap- I play the wrong player(s) that week and I can be eliminated altogether.
On Tuesday night, my husband and I were taken out to dinner by the president
of Wooky Entertainment and his lovely wife (the creators of the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection.) They are here in Dallas from Montreal and we had an incredible time with them. If I didn't love this company before, I really am impressed now after hearing the dreams of this motivated couple and how they made it all happen. Wonderful people.
They actually have another teen/tween craft line called Style Me Up.
Amazing products geared for the young girls to inspire them to be creative.
On a personal note, we are in the process of selling our home. It's been sheer madness getting the home ready to list for this coming Monday. Hopefully we will be able to sell in this bad market- we'll be lucky to break even. But it's time for our family to move on.
More than likely we will build again, so temporary housing is in the future, God knows where yet. And that means no scrapbooking for awhile. So for anyone wondering where I am, I am here packing, cleaning, and going crazy. I may not get much time online so just know I love you guys and when things settle down, I'll be back. Hope everyone is doing great.
Go Niners!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

~* Purrrfect! *~

Meet Kylie!
Her mom and I went to high school together and are still great friends! Eleven years ago, I had Kyle and Kelly had Kylie! How ironic is that!
It's already been settled... we're arranging for these two to be
married in 15 years! If only!
I used Paris Hilton Pet's Beauty Shop scrapbooking
theme kit for Kylie's layout.
How Purrrfect is that!?


Next I had the "urge" to alter something, so I created this wall hanging!
I covered a piece of Tim Holtz grungeboard, added some lace, stickers, the cute paw print charm and some bling.
Girls can use their imagination to create sparKly
layouts and room decor. The possibilities are endless!

The scrapbooking theme kits are $19.99. There are 9 different
theme kits in all.
You can view the entire Paris Hilton The Creativity Collection here:


~* special thanks to Kylie for her pretty photo! *~
~* Pet's Beauty Shop kit photo courtesy of Wooky Entertainment *~

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~* fOr foOtbaLl girLs onLy*~

Well, Brett Favre proved he still can play. His gunslinging arm cost the 49ers a win with 2 seconds left to play, so they slip to 2-1. All NFC West teams lost, so at least the Niners didn't get behind.
My fantasy football teams went 1-1.
What's up with your teams? Shoot me a message to celebrate or vent!!!!!! Who do you think is Superbowl bound?? Any predictions yet??

Friday, September 25, 2009

~* MaKe iT SpArKlE*~ Rhinestone Sheets, They're Hot!!!!

I love the concept behind the Paris Hilton line which is promoting self esteem in tween/teen girls. I wouldn't design for a scrapbooking line that I didn't believe in or wasn't passionate about. It has been such a great experience featuring a wonderful group of girls and their unique talents and goals such as Laura's beautiful daughter, Victoria,
who hopes to be on Broadway someday!
For her layout, I used patterned paper from the Beauty Shop scrapbooking theme kit and 3 different rhinestone embellishment packs from the Paris Hilton collection. These rhinestone embellishments are so cool and they can be used on cell phones, lipsticks, almost anything.
I opted to use them for scrapbooking.

The rhinestone packs I used were 4" X 6" Flowers ($13.99) & 2.5" X 4" Silver Square ($7.99). I just kept the flowers sheet intact to the left of the photograph, and using Silver Square, I cut rows of rhinestones to create a border edge. Lastly I used a 4" X 6" rhinestone pack called Beach ($13.99) for an extra bling flower accent.

You can see the entire Paris Hilton The Creativity Collection here @


~*Special thanks to Victoria for her beautiful photo.*~
Rhinestone embellishment photos courtesy of Wooky Entertainment.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

~* designs by KaTeLyN!*~ like mother like daughter!

What an absolute priviledge it is to feature this amazing young artist, Katelyn! She is the talented daughter of Jacque who many of you know! Katelyn has a God given talent for art as you can see in her beautiful drawing here. She loves to share her art to make people happy!
It was easy deciding which paper from the Paris Hilton line I would use for Katelyn's layout because her top happened to match the patterned paper from the Flashes & Stars paper pad perfectly! A couple of other Paris items I used were the pink photo frame from the Birthday Girl scrapbooking theme kit and the pink rhinestone lips from a rhinestone package. Other embellishments were letter stickers, crochet trim, foil trim, stick pins, felt butterfly, Prima flower and satin leaf.
The Flashes & Stars paper pad is $14.99 and has 24 double sided patterned paper sheets. There are 3 different paper pads in this line.
To see these and all of Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection, go to


~*special thanks to katelyn for her pretty photo and beautiful artwork *~
Flashes & Stars paper pad photo courtesy of Wooky Entertainment.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

~* fOr FoOtBaLl GiRlS OnLy!*~ my RAK winner!!

My 49ers are 2-0 and I want to do some shopping to celebrate!
Check out this sparKly number by Kathrine Baumann, it's only $2999.99! Needless to say, my husband won't be getting it for me!
But if you have an extra $3000, you can purchase it at! Maybe I can get this one, it's only $799.99! What do you think honey! lol

I will be blogging a "for football girls only" post weekly so my football girls out there have a place to celebrate or vent! I am doing both this week. I am over the moon for my Niners win this weekend. We are 2-0! And yet both of my fantasy football teams lost! (Thanks a lot Romo, you killed the Pink Stilettos this week!)
I did sign up with Kim Kardashian's fantasy football league at Fantasy World. In that league, you pick one player of each position to gain the most points, but you can only use each player one time! So that's a little different way of playing for me, you have to really check the weekly matchups.

Last week I had a giveaway post I was doing for the football girls out there and using I am happy to announce my winner who is none other than my favorite NY Giants fan, Julie!!!! Congrats Julie!
Nice win over the Cowboys.
Good luck to all your favorite teams this weekend!
See you with another football post next week!


Numbers generated for were as follows: 1. Kat, 2. Anam, 3. Maggi, 4. Kimberly, 5. Karen, 6. Anita, 7. Melanie, 8. Julie, 9. Christy, 10. Nerina, 11. Kim, 12. Vicki
photos courtesy of

Monday, September 21, 2009

~* A vErY mErRy uN-bIrThDaY To yOu!*~

Lately my scrapbooking style has been geared towards tweens & teens showing different ideas of how they can use Paris Hilton's The Creativity Collection scrapbooking line. I haven't created anything heavily embellished in awhile, so it was time! And I wanted to use this line to do it. I had some pretty patterned papers left from the Birthday Girl theme kit. So I cut the birthday cake patterned paper into a tiered cake shape and paired it with the pink glitter paper for the background. I cut tiny blue flowers out from another of the papers.
The pink border stickers are from the kit as well as the Birthday Girl sticker. The bling swirls are from a Paris rhinestone pack.
I added Prima flowers, Maya Road velvet flowers, a Prima butterfly, lace, pearl border accents, foil trim, blue tulle and some cute mushroom accents I found on etsy.
Lastly, I added a picture of Ava from her 5th Un- Birthday party.
(We love Alice!)
Here is the Birthday Girl scrapbooking theme kit which is now available online for $19.99 @
Happy Monday Everyone!
~*Birthday Girl kit photo courtesy of Wooky Entertainment.*~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

~*GoInG gReEn with Paris Hilton's scrapbooking packaging!*~

So far I have gone through 7 of the Paris Hilton Creativity Collection scrapbooking theme kits and about 8 packages of rhinestones sheets and bling. Not only is what's inside HOT, but the packaging for this line is pretty cute too. I couldn't bear to throw any of it away! I had a pile of empty packages sitting in the corner of my studio and yesterday I decided to turn this trash into treasure! I wanted to use the different Paris images on the metallic cardboard to come up with a wall hanging for my daughter Ava's bedroom. So I took 3 different scrapbooking kits and cut the images of Paris into 4 X 7 inch segments, punched holes equal distance apart and tied the 3 pieces together with some blue tulle. Then I glitzed it up with some lace, ribbon, a Prima rose and some bling from one of Paris' rhinestone packs - "I Love Me."
Perfect as all girls should love themselves, so important.

Next, I created a layout of my daughter's BFF Ashley. This time I cut 5 Paris images from the rhinestone sheet and bling packages. I created a shiny border with these, alternating the different colors, on the bottom edge of patterned paper from the Flashes & Stars paper pad. I added some flowers, foil, letter stickers and trim! "That's Hot!"
So girls, if you buy anything from this line, make sure that you save the packaging and let's see what creations you can come up with!! You can see the whole collection here @

~* Special thanks to Ashley for her sassy photos! *~