Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~* oh la la *~ mY nEw yeaR's reS!

I am starting one of my New Year's resolutions early, and that is to re-scrap pages I loathe that I made long ago! I promised myself I would never do that because what I made earlier was my style then, and it was the trend at the time. But sorry to say, I just can't look at some of the layouts without getting irritated! My happy medium is to try to keep some elements the same & just jazz it up a little! So here, I kept the trio of pictures exactly the same, used a more modern patterned paper that matched Ava's dress, some florals, ribbons, rhinestones, a vintage piece & stick pin. Then for the title, I wanted the background to look like the headband Ava is wearing in the photos. My goal is to always try to match my photos as close as I can with paper & embellishments. And I always try to add some sp*rKle!
Maybe next time I'll be brave enough to show you a 'before & after!' We'll see!
Happy New Year Everyone!!!


Just Kyle said...

Mom keep your old pages the way they are!!!!

Dena said...

Ok how cute is that?!?!
I too am torn between redoing old pages or just leaving them. I have to admit that I have taken some pics off and redone them.
But I think it all boils down to #1 I am too lazy
#2 it is kind of funny to look back and go what the heck
#3 I like to see just how much I have grown and how I have changed.

But I totally hear ya Deb on wanting to redo layouts. But girl you have to keep a few of the oldies but goodies ;)