Saturday, November 22, 2008

~* hO hO hO *~

Again, from the Kiss on the Chic december kit, this
Chritmas wall hanging was pretty simple. In fact, I'll show you how easy it was.
Attach small paper tag with a photo in the center of the Joy card.
Hole punch the center of each star. Thread the red ribbon through each
hole and attach a jingle bell, then knot to make the hanger.
Using a glue gun, attach vintage lace at the bottom of the card.
Now, take the green polka dot ribbon and glue it in a bow shape right over the lace. Next glue the white pom pom trim at the top of the card. Then glue the round ornament shape on top to the backside of the card. Lastly, attach the red flower and sparKly pom pom in the center!

Special thanks to my fellow DT girl Melanie for her idea to post instructions on our blogs. Check out her amazing designs at:

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Melanie Stanczyk said...

Looks like great instructions!

Love the finished product! Very cute.