Friday, March 7, 2014

~* Scarlet Pink Magazine *~

A dream has turned into reality for my friend, editor Kelly Keyser, and I as we have published the first issue of our new magazine, Scarlet Pink! In this Spring issue, we showcase many talented designers including our cover girl Jessica Louise, photography by well renowned Lou Freeman and Michelle Starr, artists Lisa Kettell and Claudette Barjoud aka Miss Fluff along with a special segment on indie film maker Arthur Collins and his upcoming film, White Zombie
Thank you to all of our talented contributors who are a huge part of this special premiere issue: 
Heather Young-LearyAnita Rivera, Kirstie Keyser, Carol Coffin, Pinky Hobbs, Sara Shen, Victoria Pettella, Liza Jane Clothing, Teresa Brown, Vince Mirabella, Nadine Takvorian, Rudy Fig, Tina Henderson and Vickie Miles.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

~* a Very Merry Un-Birthday to You!*~

A very merry 
Unbirthday to you, 
To you, A very merry 
Unbirthday to you, 
To you, 
It's great to 
Drink to someone , 
And I guess that 
You will do,
A very merry 
Unbirthday to you!

Best Party Ever!
  Hard to believe it was five years ago. Life was so different then.  One month ago today, Ava was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It's been a lifestyle change for our family, but my little girl is handling the change so well and we could not be more proud.  In fact, it wouldn't surprise JJ or I if she discovered a breakthrough for this disease.
 She tells us she will find a cure someday, and I believe her.  
Love you Angel!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

~* and the FaIrY met aLiCe in WoNdErLaNd *~

    Together Keke and I have combined our interests and are working hard to bring a wonderland of talent in photography, art, fashion, film and music in one magazine that will premiere this Spring. We are featuring gifted artists who have taken their creative passions and turned them into successful businesses. A sneak peek of the magazine and our contributors will be on our website later next month.  In the meantime, you can visit Scarlet Pink at:
 (Instagram coming soon.)  


Materials used:  Graphic 45 Alice’s Tea Party patterned paper, letter stickers from Glitz Designs, Creative Imaginations, Pink Paislee, and October Afternoon, Alice sticker from 
Disney EK Success, flowers and felt vines by Prima, assorted ribbons, mushroom accents, acrylic bunny, wooden bunny and vintage earrings and brooch.

Friday, January 17, 2014

~* Hers was a World of ScArLeT PiNk*~

As some of you know, I am embarking on a new adventure with my talented friend, Owner/Editor-in-Chief,  Kelly "Keke" Keyser as Creative Director of Scarlet Pink Magazine.  
Our literary and creative passion will be combined to showcase fashion, art and photography together in one publication. We've been working hard to bring our readers a beautiful first issue full of 'eye candy' which will debut this Spring. We hope to inspire your creativity by showcasing talented artisans, some of whom have taken their creative skills and turned them into successful businesses. To see just a few of our Spring Issue contributors, please visit us at and to 'like' us on Facebook, click our logo below!
 Special offers, contests and giveaways will be coming soon! New contributors are being added daily to our website and we invite you to submit your stores, product and art to us for consideration. Please see our website for more details.  


Artwork by Debra Famularo  ~  Materials used: Velvet Kiss hand dyed hot pink crepe paper by etsy shop juliecollings, Glitz Design Teeny Alphas pink, Thickers chipboard letter stickers, Everyday is a Holiday Beach Bungalow collection paper and trim,Bazzill Buttons pink, Recollections Glitz Blonc Rose’, Stickles Lime Green, Martha Stewart decoupage glue, 8 x 10" stretched canvas by Coloron, Lisa’s Altered Art collage phrases, Modern Romance floral roses, vintage earring and brooch.

Friday, January 10, 2014

~* Would You Like to be Featured in a Magazine? *~

"Alice and the Fairy Queen"

Once upon a time, in an enchanted forest far away, there was a small cottage

where there lived a girl who would be  fairy queen.

Every now and again she would venture into the forest, and 

see the most enchanting fairy folk in celebration.

[images, above and below: Tricia Fountaine]

She longed to join them in celebration but being she was so much bigger,
she didn't dare disturb them, out of fear of scaring them away.
Time after time, she'd return home and have her own celebrations,
inviting everyone she knew.
But deep down, she longed to play with the fairies and little folk who lived deep in the forest.

So one day, she sat down with her book of magic
and tried to find a way to shrink down to their small size.

She read that all she had to do was drink a magic potion
and then climb down into a magic rabbit hole that was just outside her door.
 When she finally got near to the opening at the other end, she saw a girl waiting for her.

The fairy princess smiled because it was her friend Alice who was waiting for her in there Wonderland, and they played with the fairies and little folk, forever more.


I am partnering with  Kelly as  Creative Director of a new magazine, Scarlet Pink.
Scarlet Pink, is quarterly magazine that will feature artists and creative types of all backgrounds and mediums. The focus of the magazine will be to inspire and inform the reader, while helping to promote the individuals featured in each issue.
Kelly and Debra have joined forces to unite in one magazine the artisan pioneer in his or her respective medium as well as the emerging artist. We will focus on what inspires each of them, how they started, where they sell, the ups and downs of being a full time artist, and offer advice from the professionals on how to make the time for those who long to turn their hobby into a profitable business. This is where you come in. We are asking you to submit photographs and background information, tips, tutorials, or anything else you deem valuable to publish in an upcoming issue of Scarlet Pink.  Our goal is to introduce each talented artist, even if they have previously been published elsewhere, to a brand new audience.
Scarlet Pink was born from our combined literary and artistic talents. We partnered together because we realized a need for a publication that focused on topics and people living the creative lifestyle, united together in one publication. We hope Scarlet Pink will become your go-to magazine for the creative lifestyle as we work hard to consistently bring you topics, ideas, techniques, stores, and people who inspire you. Our goal is that Scarlet Pink will help encourage you to bring out your creative talents and live a creative lifestyle
If this is something you would like to be a part of, and we hope you do, please go to and complete the form in the "Contact" section to be considered, or email us directly at The theme for the premiere issue is "Alice and the Fairy Queen."
"Like" us on Facebook -

Thank you,

Yours truly,

Debra & Kelly

"Alice and the Fairy Queen"  blog post written by Kelly Janine Keyser
[all images from google search, unless otherwise notated. If you are the owner of any of these images and wish to be given proper credit, please email me and I will include you in the credits.]

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ginger ~* AnGeL KiTtY WaNd *~ Lisa Kettell Designs

What are the odds that when your beloved pet passes away, your dear friend's pet passes at almost the very exact time on the same day? This happened to my forever friend Geri and I. Sad as it was, we both helped each other get through the sudden loss of our fur babies. I had created an angel kitty wand in memory of my Fiona, and wanted to create one for Geri in memory of her beloved Ginger. 

The cupie doll piece shown is a charlotte doll from Lisa Kettell Designs and the ecru tulle trim can be purchased from Julie Collings on etsy. 

Other supplies include: paw print scrapbooking paper, wooden star wand, paw print rhinestone bling, gold dresden angel wings,   letter stickers, gold tinsel pipe cleaner, beads, vintage brooch, millinery flower, burlap and assorted trims. 

  Matching angel kitty wands for forever friends!
In memory of our sweet fur babies Ginger and Fiona.

Friday, December 27, 2013

~* MaD fOr MaCaRoNs - Lisa Kettell Designs *~

Mad for Macarons painted canvas project

 Supplies needed: 

8 X 10 stretched canvas 
Heidi Swapp Acrylic pink paint
Golden light molding paste
Mod Podge decoupage glue
pink paper sewn trim by Julie Collings/etsy
pink pom pom trim
blue paper fringe trim
white & blue vintage lace trims
floral paper banner by Dena Designs
paper heart doilie, die cut floral heart
macaron images from magazine
pink loose pearls
clear glitter  
letter stickers - Pink Paislee, Thickers
art ticket stub, stick pin, vintage cluster earring 
paint brush, glue gun 


Paint canvas with mixture of paint and molding paste and let dry overnight. Decoupage heart doilie onto canvas, allow to dry. Decoupage assorted macaron images over doilie and sprinkle with clear glitter. Allow to dry. Glue assorted laces and trims at top and bottom edges as desired. Glue Lisa Kettell Designs party heads on tops of macarons. Decoupage title onto canvas and add letter stickers above. Embellish with loose pink pearls,  stick pin, ticket stub and vintage earring accents. 

 “Macarons and Cocoa to drink That is the finest of suppers I think! When I'm grown up and can have what I please, I think I shall always insist upon these!” Paulette Kinney


Sunday, December 22, 2013

~* My Sweet Girl scrapbooking layout - Lisa Kettell Designs *~

 Supplies Used:

Patterned paper- Little Yellow Bicycle “love letters”
Prima Flowers - Divine Collection butterfly, Candy Gems Jelly Bean 
Jenni Bowlin Self-Adhesive Rhinestone Buttons in yellow  
Letter stickers - Sandylion Rouge de Garance Inspiration, Thickers blue glitter
Zig pen blue ink .01
Silver tinsel pipe cleaners, assorted laces, tag and paper flowers


Thursday, December 19, 2013

~* Alice in Wonderland aLtErEd vintage compact - Lisa Kettell Designs *~


For those who don't know me well, I am MAD about Alice in Wonderland! Alice holds a special meaning to my family. My middle name is Alice after my beautiful grandmother. I followed suit with my daughter's middle name, Alyssandra, a slightly altered version of Alice. I loved Alice in Wonderland as a child and I love her even more today! Thankfully my daughter Ava loves her too.  A few years back, we threw her a massive Very Merry Un-Birthday party, and this photograph of her was from that special day! That will forever be my most favorite party thrown. 
I made this memory keepsake using a vintage compact I found at an antique store along with a large yellow haired doll head that looks a lot like Alice from Lisa Kettell Designs. 

Materials Needed:

vintage compact
millinery flowers
vintage Alice in Wonderland book page
blue glitter 
brown ink
rhinestones, stick pin 
butterfly, phrases and crown collage images


Cut photograph and book pages to fit compact centers. Glue in place.
Cut desired phrases out, ink and adhere as desired.
Glue millinery flowers around photograph edges on bottom. Add crown, rhinestones, and stick pin.
Glitter along image edges on top.
Glue Lisa Kettell doll head to top of compact. Accent with butterfly and millinery flower.

“have i gone mad?
im afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usualy are.” 
― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

~* My AnGeL KiTtY WaNd *~ Lisa Kettell Designs

 Our Fiona kitty's death is still fresh.  Don't ask me how I even thought of this, but an angel kitty wand seemed like a purrfect keepsake to remind us that our fur baby is with the angels! I may even sell these custom wands on etsy soon. Or better yet, thanks to my dear friend Kelly's brilliant suggestion, have complete kits for sale so owners can create their own fur baby wands. After all, art is therapeutic for the soul and helpful with the grieving process.
I reserved the store name Angel Kitty Wands, so we shall see! God works in mysterious ways!!!

Materials used:

Lisa Kettell Designs mini cupie doll
leopard print scrapbooking paper  
Wood star wand
Paw print rhinestone bling
silver tinsel pipe cleaner
heart stick pins
burlap trim
vintage ecru and gold lace
tulle and paper trims from Julie Collings
loose pearls & jumbo rhinestone
gold dresden foil wings, large and small
millinery flower
vintage earring

In memory of Fiona kitty - rest with the angels loved one!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

~* Pink PiXiE Fairy ATC *~ Lisa Kettell Designs

Materials Needed:

ATC card backing
Lisa's Altered Art collage images
Hello dollie image by
mini pink bottle brush tree
pink scalloped trim by Julie Collings  
Glitter, flower, rhinestones, pink craft wire, ink,
pink sequin trim and adhesive

Wishing all of you a very blessed Christmas! 


Sunday, December 15, 2013

~* CuPiE ChRiStMaS *~ Lisa Kettell Designs

To create this Cupie Christmas sparkly tree, see my tutorial below!

Supplies needed: 

~artificial christmas tree approximately 12 inches in height
~two vintage beaded necklaces, broken apart
~5 vintage plastic flowers
~5 tiny pearls
~glue gun

~Lisa Kettell Designs mini cupie pack

~pink scalloped sewing trim by Julie Collings

~Lisa Kettell Designs Lil Pixie Dust Wands set of 12


Cut the pink scalloped trim into 2 inch pieces. Glue gun in place aroundmini cupie dolls. Take the mini plastic flowers and glue on cupie heads topping with a tiny pearl. 

Glue the cupies on the tree branches, folding the ends a bit so that they have room to adhere. Next, glue the lil pixie dust wands to the branches folding the ends as we did with the cupies. 

Lastly, taking the beads from the necklaces, glue to the branch ends using as many or as few as you desire.

Wishing all of you a very Merry Cupie Christmas!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

~* bRiDaL bOuQuEt *~ Lisa Kettell Designs


I love designing bridal bouquets using vintage brooches.  Today, I am showing a mini bridal bouquet complete with tutorial using vintage earrings and Lisa Kettell Designs 'Big Top Charlotte doll heads' as part of my design team work for  

Materials needed: 

Lisa Kettell Designs pack of 5 'Big Top Charlotte doll heads,' approximately 20 assorted vintage beaded earrings, assorted small and tiny sized faux pearls, 4” styrofoam ball, crochet doilie, 6” fabric square, lace fringe trim (mine is from A Gilded Life,) wood dowel, jute trim, glue gun and pliers.


To assemble:

Remove backings of vintage earrings using pliers. Glue fabric square over top half of the styrofoam ball so earrings can adhere. On the bottom half of the ball, glue the crochet doilie in place making sure all edges of fabric are covered. On ball top center, glue one Lisa Kettell Designs cupie head in place.
Using that as your starting point, glue earrings around doll head as tight as you can get to each other. If small spaces of fabric are showing, that’s okay. Continue gluing earrings and cupie heads around ball, alternating until ball is covered. Fill in spaces with loose pearls. On the bottom of the ball, make a tiny hole. 
Apply glue to wood dowel and pierce into the ball. Wrap the dowel with jute trim and tie knot at top. Glue fringe trim along outer edge.

 Marrying vintage jewelry with Lisa's pieces is always a winning combination!